2021; An exciting year for Microsoft and Windows

2020 was supposed to be an important year for Microsoft. For example, clamshells with two separate displays and the next generation of Windows operating system called Windows 10X were on the company’s agenda; But the Corona epidemic dealt a severe blow to the computer industry around the world, and Microsoft’s exciting programs were delayed. In the coming year, Microsoft focused on issues that mattered during the global epidemic; Such as the development of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 and cost-effective Surface devices, including the Surface Laptop Go.

Thus, this year was also a boring year for Windows; Especially when in the same year, Apple retired the operating system X after almost twenty years and unveiled a new operating system called Big Sur. Microsoft Windows 10 updates for 2020 were limited to fixing minor bugs and adding minor features. Nevertheless, 2021 could be an exciting year for Microsoft and Windows. According to some reports and rumors, important events are on the way that can make users optimistic about the future of Windows in the coming year.

Panos Panay is in charge

پانوس پنی

Moving people and positions in organizations is rarely a reason to be happy; But when the foot of a charismatic manager, because پاناس پانای It turns out, the story gets much more interesting. Until recently, Windows and Surface were two separate units in Microsoft, and the managers of the two teams had very different approaches to developing their products. Panai, Surface’s adventure and consumer product manager, was considered the opposite of more conservative Windows management. Until February 2020, Microsoft led Pana to a new team that included both Windows and Surface as Windows + Devices.

Now that Panai is at the helm of the new team, one can hope that Windows will return to its exciting and passionate days. Although many major changes have not yet been implemented, some are currently underway thanks to Pana’s actions. Panai and his team have made major behind-the-scenes changes to Windows; Including an upgrade to a Windows Trial program called Windows Insider, which allows millions of volunteer users to test Microsoft’s evolving code. Previously, users could only try out new features that were supposed to be available in the new version of Windows.

Microsoft also unveiled the Windows Feature Experience Pack feature, which allows new Windows features to be added to the insider without having to download the full version of the operating system update. These may seem like small changes; But it has paved the way for an exciting year. Now that Pana is in charge, one can hope that his passionate and risk-taking spirit will take Microsoft out of its boring shell.

New look for Windows

New Windows 10 Start Menu

According to many reports and rumors, 2021 seems to be the year when Microsoft will finally make major changes to the look and feel of Windows. Apparently, many major parts of Windows that have not changed much since the release of Windows 10, such as the Start Menu, Task Bar, Action Center, and even File Explorer. Find a new look in the big Windows update.

Of course, Spring 2021, like the October update this year, only includes a more detailed Windows update, and for the original Windows 10 update, we’ll have to wait until the fall. Some rumors suggest that this update will be released as Cobalt and will introduce significant design changes with the Sun Valley project.

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Microsoft will finally make major changes to the appearance of Windows in 2021

Microsoft hopes the new Sun Valley design will modernize the look of Windows, like operating systems like Mac, Chrome, and the iPad. These operating systems have undergone major design changes; Windows 10, on the other hand, has been largely unchanged. Some of these new changes in early 2020 in Windows 10X we observed; But the release of this version has been delayed since that day.

The Windows Update in the fall of 2021 promises that Microsoft will finally move its software alongside the hardware. Among the changes we will see in this update will be a more pleasant design of the Start Menu and Operations Center and improved user experience in Windows tablet mode. It can be said that Windows will finally get a new look in this update, which it has needed for a long time.

Solve the problem of applications

Android application in Windows 10

Some of the changes to be made to Windows in 2021 go beyond design and fix problems with Windows applications. Microsoft is set to bring Android applications to the Windows environment. This project has been underway for a long time and will be a big step to solve the lack of mobile applications in the Microsoft ecosystem.

In the past, Microsoft has tried to move developers toward application design for the Windows Integrated Platform (UWP) and, more recently, into the Web of Advanced Applications (PWA); But the platform is unlikely to reach the popularity of Apple’s App Store in iOS or Mac OS. Rumor has it that Microsoft wants to add Google Android apps to the Microsoft Store to solve this problem.

Microsoft is set to bring Android applications to the Windows environment

According to Windows Central, Microsoft Project Latte is a new software solution that allows application developers to run their Android applications in a Windows environment without changing the code. The project is apparently underway for unveiling in 2021 and will likely be launched with changes to the Linux subsystem. The developers just need to place their applications as MSIX files in the Microsoft Store; However, it is not yet clear how applications that require Google Play Services (Google Play Services) will run on this platform.

Undoubtedly, with the launch of Project Latte, Microsoft will pave the way for application developers; Because they do not need to change the code of their Android applications to run in Windows environment, this means that Windows tablets, such as the Surface Go 2, can be an exciting option for users due to access to a large and new library of Android applications.

Your Phone Android application in Windows 10

Another problem that is going to be fixed in a major Windows update is support for 64-bit applications in the Windows 10 Surface Pro X logo. This processor can only run 32-bit applications for which many other developers do not write code. Microsoft is reportedly working on 64-bit applications for Windows 10 logo, making buying a Surface Pro X a more attractive and sensible choice for users.

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Software such as Photoshop or even design and engineering programs can eventually run on this computer, which runs on a custom chip with the Microsoft logo called SQ2. This is exactly what Apple has done with Macs equipped with the M1 chip: optimizing and ensuring that all applications run smoothly on the device.

Reboot Windows 10 X.

Microsoft Windows 10X

Late 2019, Microsoft on the phone Folding The Surface Duo has introduced Windows 10 X and a dual-screen PC called the Surface Neo. The plan was for the Duo and Neo to be released this year with separate dual-show features from Dell and other laptop makers; But the Corona epidemic disrupted that planning, and now a reboot version of Windows 10 X is set to be released in 2021.

Rumor has it that in 2021, two different types of Windows will be released: one is a reboot of Windows 10 X pre-installed on new laptops and devices sold by Microsoft and its partners, and the other is regular versions of Windows 10. It will be installed on all available laptops and tablets.

The reboot version of Windows 10X runs on both dual-screen and lightweight devices

This rebooted version of Windows 10X is no longer just for dual-display devices, which was originally intended by Microsoft; It also includes lightweight fixtures. This is similar to Microsoft’s ChromeOS operating system, which is installed on both cheap and affordable Chromebooks and for flagships such as the Google Pixelbook or Pixelbook.

Windows 10 X will not support classic 32-bit or 64-bit Windows applications when released. Instead, it is designed to be lightweight and rely on the Microsoft Store. According to Windows Central, Microsoft is working on the Cloud PC service to fix this problem.

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This new feature allows users of low-cost PCs to stream their applications from the Internet and Microsoft servers to PCs. In the age of iPad popularity, this feature will set a new path for Windows; Because you do not need to have powerful and flagship devices to run these applications. All you have to do is run these applications from the cloud on your computer, like streaming serials.


2021 will undoubtedly be a big year for Microsoft. Although much of what is being said in this article is still rumored, it is very likely to be true. Next year, we are not only going to see a new form of Windows 10; But we will also see a new design of Windows 10 X and affordable Windows devices.

These are the features that users desperately needed this year; But the Corona epidemic changed Microsoft’s list of priorities. Now, with the end of the epidemic and the start of the new year, it is hoped that Microsoft will welcome the Windows user community with exciting news. Your user comment زومیت What about the changes ahead of Windows?

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