25 to 50% discount in Bistak Book Bank

Usually, no option other than the quality of a store’s merchandise other than a discount can trigger a flood of customers; Especially if this discount is related to the activity of buying and selling textbooks and entrance exam books, which is an urgent need of the last months of the year for entrance exam children. On the other hand, despite today’s coronary conditions, hearing the news of discounted goods in person reduces the desire to buy due to health risks; But in such a situation, the prominent role of book banks such as Bistek Book Bank becomes very visible. Bistak Book Bank with a lot of discounts and variety of products in order to create comfort for students and miners in the special conditions of the last days of autumn, has marked a good winter for students.

Bistak Online Book Bank, the land of internet discounts

Today, many readers, dear students, complain about the high price of books and the conditions for buying books; But the existence of Internet book banks such as Book Bank With high discounts, no extra costs such as transportation costs, Bistak can create a good opportunity for its users. In this regard, if you go to the online bookstore site Bistak right now, you will see many categories of textbooks and entrance exam books at attractive discounts. Bistak delivers its products to customers at 20 to 50% below the price; For this reason, buying from Bistak is much cheaper for you than buying in person. On the other hand, attending bookstores brings with it many side costs, including transportation costs, which add to the cost of buying books; But twenty books have made it possible for customers to enjoy the privilege of sending free books.

Bistak Book Bank Special Discounts Festival

Buy a textbook And the books required for the entrance exam usually start at the beginning of the academic year or even earlier; But there are students who, for some reason, have postponed the purchase of the books they need or the current books do not meet their needs. In this regard, Bistak Book Bank sees its mission in trying to meet the needs and interests of loved ones throughout the academic year by providing the best books from the country’s famous publications and the mentioned products with the best conditions and the highest possible discount in Available to interested parties. 25 to 50 percent discount of Bistak Book Bank should be considered the highest level of respect of this book bank for the demands of its customers.

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Bistak Book Bank has made every effort in this direction and in its latest discounts, it has considered Yalda night discounts as a 40% discount, which in some books from the products of famous publications, has reached up to 50%. This book bank provides very exceptional conditions for the students and entrance exam students to buy textbooks and educational books and entrance exams, so that they can safely break the giant horn of the 1400 entrance exams in the remaining time of the academic year and achieve their success. To do. For this reason, Bistak offers all applicants for entrance exam and textbooks to benefit from a special discount right now before the end of the Yalda night opportunity by visiting Bistak Book Bank and buying the books they need. In Yaldai Festival, 40 books are put up for special sale every day, which include different titles.

The goals of Bistak Book Bank are to offer significant online discounts and seasonal festivals

Bistak Online Bank puts its discounts on the site during the year and in different festivals; Because in this way he tries to achieve the goals, some of which are mentioned below.

  • The first goal of Bistak Online Book Bank is to take a big step in the culture of books and reading books as much as possible to increase the reading hours of compatriots; Because he knows that with this effective move in the direction of cultural development, he can do his best to create the habit of reading culture in others.
  • By doing this, Bistak Book Bank creates a great opportunity to buy the best books from the most famous publications that always have the most applicants among the candidates.
  • By doing so, Bistak Book Bank encourages people to buy books and readers online to save and save their time and energy by shopping online, and by not appearing in the crowded urban traffic to prepare their study needs and realize the plans, especially for Concours, help.
  • When promotional discounts lead to a visit to the book bank, the visitor is faced with a treasure trove whose content is designed with regular and purposeful categorization, and this order provides him with easy access to a wide variety of books and prevents confusion. The client is selected in the book.
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Bistak Book Bank In addition to offering significant discounts, it also considers it its duty to support its customers’ purchases and tries to provide comfort and convenience to its customers with various services and categories on its site, such as introducing the best-selling services, introducing the most visited, product categories and shopping training. Provide books when attending this bank.


Sometimes the experience of buying from a book bank with special benefits can become a habit for other online purchases. Now, if the clients know that after sending the book order, even the rarest of them to the Bistak Book Bank, they will receive the orders at home in the shortest time, they will certainly not forget the Bistak Book Bank in the continuation of their purchase.

Contact numbers of Bistak Book Bank:

  • 021-66410000
  • 021-66412500
  • 0912-641-2500

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