Advertising in surfing; New advertising tool for developers

The advent of the Internet and its widespread influence on various layers of human societies has led to the creation of new concepts or to the complete transformation of protocols used before the Internet. Marketing is one of these areas that has undergone extensive changes after the spread of the Internet and has now overshadowed advertising in the offline world. Undoubtedly, search engines, social networks, as well as platforms such as markets for goods, services and applications are not unaffected by these changes; Because the data from user interaction makes these platforms able to display ads in a more targeted way and be more effective.

Aware of this issue, Bazaar, as the largest application publishing and sales platform in the country, unveiled Search Ads service last year. Now, more than a year after the launch of this service, Bazaar, during an event held online last Thursday, unveiled its new advertising services, which, in addition to search ads, include browsing ads and video ads. Advertising is a new browsing service سامان مهدور (Advertising product manager in the tour) during the ceremony on Thursday gave an explanation about its performance.

If you go to the market, in the details section of the application you are on its page, you will see several categories of applications that are under different headings in the details section. These applications include “Related programs »، «Others have installed » And “Similar programs » be. Similar programs or applications are the part where developers can use the ability to advertise their applications. The idea of ​​using the details of the application for advertising is formed from the fact that a behavior called marketing has been observed in users; This means that some users in the market, by referring to the details section of the applications, look for similar options and install them. But what are the benefits of using ads in this section for users? In his speech, Mahdoor pointed out the two main advantages of advertising in browsing, which stem from the behavior of users. According to the product manager of browsing ads, users who refer to the details of an application usually have high trust in the market. It should also be noted the high quality of such users, which will show itself in loyalty as well as more revenue for developers.

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Auction details page

How browsing ads work

Saman Mahdour announced that the process of advertising in browsing begins with the use of information provided by developers to the market. App developers can announce the maximum cost to each installation and their daily budget ceiling to receive the installation, and then the market selects similar apps based on this information and displays them to users. In fact, each time a page related to a particular application is opened, an auction is registered for the details section of the application. Considering the possibility of installing the ad according to the application connection and also the installation price announced by the developer, the application is located in the details section. Mahdoor stated that the market automatically selects the most optimal mode for display in browsing ads based on the information provided by the developer, so that developers can experience the best installation statistics in this way.

Statistics provided by Mahdoor show that LTVا(Life Time Value) Users who have installed an application through the details section, is 10% higher than the average LTV for market applications. The same factor can be seen as evidence that users who install the app through the details section bring more value to developers.

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