Advertising in Telegram from 2021; What is the Telegram revenue generation system?

Telegram officially announced in a press release that it has reached a record 500 million active users. A platform the size of Telegram needs financial resources to continue operating, and it seems that contrary to what Telegram CEO’s Paul Duroff As previously reported, Telegram is set to launch revenue-generating systems. This news was first announced by the public channel Paul Dorf in the Telegram.

Dorf said in a press release that Telegram has developed two-stage plans and intends to start the revenue-generating process through its platform from next year. The first step in the Telegram program is to introduce a range of premium features for business or professional users. All the features that exist in Telegram today will continue to be offered completely free of charge; But Telegram is set to host more features in the future that seek to meet the needs of a number of users.

All current Telegram features will remain free

The second step of the Telegram program is to add banner ads to public channels. Large telegram channels are like a large chat group run by a specific person or group of people, and any user has the ability to subscribe to them.

Over the past years, the popularity of Telegram channels has increased significantly and Telegram channels are very popular in Iran. Today, users of Telegram as a more modern version of online forums or even an alternative to services such as Discord (Discord) are used.

Telegram is set to design a dedicated ad network to display ads on channels. This ad network removes any ads that channel owners may post. Iranian channels are currently generating millions in this way, and if the Telegram advertising network is not available in Iran, it will be a problem for the owners of the channels.

Telegram ads are supposed to be injected into the app and have a better user interface than the posts that are published as ads. One-on-one chats as well as private chat groups will not include banner ads.

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Ads posted by channel managers in the form of posts will be removed

Powell Dorf assured users that Telegram would continue to operate as an independent company.

According to Dorf, Telegram’s actions to generate revenue allow the company to continue operating and Telegram executives do not have to outsource it to another company in order to make money. Dorf cited WhatsApp as an example in which platform managers prefer profit to user privacy.

Dorf also said Telegram’s mobile apps have received major updates that add voice chat support to groups. Unlike voice calling, voice chat is a free voice channel that people can enter and exit at any time. Those who attend WeissChat can participate in the discussion or listen to what others have to say.

While WeissChat is open, you can still use other sections of Telegram. In the Android operating system, when WeissChat is active, a floating widget appears on the screen that can be easily minimized. WeissChat is also available for the Windows and MacOS version of Telegram.

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Telegram Update applies other improvements to these messengers, among which we can mention faster loading of stickers. Android users can now easily save the files they have in Telegram to the SD memory card.

The Android version of Telegram has hosted new internal animations, and in the iOS version you can tell Siri to read the messages to you. Android users can edit the photo after sending it. The latest host Telegram update New animations Has been.

The latest Telegram update for mobile platforms is now available. Paul Dorf says more details about Telegram’s revenue-generating system will be announced in the future.

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