AMD APU roadmap disclosure; Release of Rembrandt with Zen 3 Plus architecture in 2022

Recently, one of the revealers of the familiar letter revealed the AMD roadmap for the next generation of the company’s flagship accelerated processors (APUs). These processors are apparently supposed to be integrated into the GPU Navi 2 are equipped. According to recent rumors, AMD plans to launch series processors next year Cezanne To generate using Zen 3 architecture. However, AMD will use the Vega integrated graphics unit in order to keep the final price of Cesan series chips cheap.

Apparently, the red team intends to release the series processors on an unspecified date in 2022 Rembrandt Produce using Navi 2 graphics unit and 6nm lithography and cores based on Zen 3 Plus architecture (+ Zen 3). Among the leaked information is the codename of a number of other upcoming AMD products that we have heard about before.

First, let’s look at the 2021 roadmap. Accordingly, AMD wants to market a total of two series of chips in the form of the Cezanne family, one of which will have a power of 45 watts and the other series will have a power of 15 watts. Usually the thermal design power of 15 watt chips is set to a higher number; But AMD may not do that for its new chip family, so that it stays in competition with the Apple M1 chip. Both series of Cezanne chips will use Zen 3 architecture and Vega 7 integrated graphics processor.

Next year, AMD plans to produce another family of accelerated processors, with Name Lucienne Are known. The low-consumption models are called Lucienne-U and are based on the Zen 2 architecture and use 15 watts of thermal design power. All of these accelerated processors are to be based on the weekly nanometer lithography of Taiwan Semiconductor Industries (TSMC).

Van Gogh likely to be AMD’s first accelerated processor with Navi 2 internal graphics unit

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In addition, family chips Van Gogh With a thermal design capability of just 9 watts, they are also in production and are set to appear in the role of the second 2021 chips based on the Zen 2 architecture. Another interesting point is that according to the leaked information, the Wongog series chips are supposed to be equipped with a new GPU, which makes them the first accelerated processors with a new G2 unit.

AMD is planning another family of accelerated processors for 2021. These processors Pollock They are based on the first generation of Zen architecture, use the Vega graphics unit, reach a power of 4.5 watts and are based on 14-nanometer lithography. Pollack series chips are likely to use Global Foundries 14-nanometer lithography.

AMD plans to appear in full force in the accelerator processor market in 2022. Most importantly, apparently AMD is finally planning to launch the much-anticipated Rembrandt series chips; Chips we’ve heard about in detail before. These chips will also be made in two series with 45 or 15 watts of power.

The Rembrandt series chips will use the Zen 3 Plus architecture and the New Integrated 2 graphics unit, both of which will be made with 6-nanometer TSMC lithography. Earlier, some rumors said that the Rembrandt family relied on fifty-nanometer lithography. The chips in this family will support LPDDR5 and DDR5 memory, and the Wongog series chips will support LPDDR5.

In 2022, secret chips بارسلو Will be introduced as an alternative to Wenogug; Barcelona’s low-consumption model, the Barcelo-U, will not experience much change compared to the Van Gogh. Production of Pollack chips will continue in 2022, and a new rumor says that Pollack is the only chip in 2021 that will continue to be produced until next year.

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It looks like 2021 is going to be a very exciting year for PC market enthusiasts. After years, Intel finally plans to abandon the use of the old Skylake architecture in 2021 and move to the Sunny Cove in the Rocket Lake series chips. Needless to say, Nvidia’s next-generation graphics cards are set to be easier to access than ever before; Because Samsung is improving the performance of its wafers.

Some analysts even say that it is possible that Intel will introduce 10-nanometer desktop chips before the end of 2021. AMD will definitely not sit idle and will launch a new series of desktop CPUs. Interestingly, by 2021, almost all components will support the PCIe 4.0 interface, and thanks to the insane speed offered by NVME PCIe 4.0 SSD drives, upgrading systems will definitely be a pleasure.

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