An interesting material that brings Retrying to Nintendo’s old SNES console

It has been several years since the introduction of technology «Beam interception” Or Ray-Tracing It goes for PCs, and many video games have introduced such technology to gamers; But before the introduction of ninth generation consoles, none of the consoles on the market used beam tracking technology.

Now, material has been introduced that makes the old SNES device the fourth console equipped with beam tracking technology after the PlayStation 5, Xbox X Series and S Series. The SNES console was launched in 1990; But a programmer named Ben Carter was able to add a beam tracking feature by adding a chip called Super Art, and even a demo of such a feature.

Beam tracking technology makes the reflection of light and its reflection closer to reality after being fixed on various objects and surfaces, and as a result, the environment and space of video games look more realistic. Naturally, to show the true power of beam tracking technology, we need more powerful hardware than SNES, and of course, we need to use other technologies to make the subjects more realistic in the game environment; But using such technology in a console like SNES seems very interesting in its kind.

To process the beam tracking process, Carter programmed a chip and then connected it to the SNES console hardware, which does virtually all the work. The Super Arti chip attaches to the cartridge, which is interesting to note, as introduced by Nintendo, the maker of the SNES console. In fact, both Star Fox and Yoshi’s Island had chips next to their cartridges to help the main processor run the game.

The chips in the two games helped add more features, including three-dimensional effects; But the super-art chip planned by Ben Carter adds beam tracking technology to the demo you’ll see below. Ben Carter explains about his project that he used an FPGA chip or programmable digital integrated circuit; Because the chip used by Nintendo is not able to process light tracking technology.

Download video from Aparat – Watch the video on YouTube

In addition to a video of his project demo, Ben Carter has released another video that fully explains the production process and how the beam tracking is processed by the Super Arti console and chip. If you are interested, you can go to the YouTube video page through this link and enjoy watching it.

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