Apartment for rent around Chitgar Lake with 4030 properties

If you are looking for Apartment for rent around Chitgarh Lake You should pay attention to a few points:

First you have to answer the question, are you thinking of renting or mortgaging a small apartment with a small area? If your answer is yes, you should know that 90% of the area of ​​apartments in District 22, whether in the towers around Chitgar Lake or in the northern towers of Chitgar Forest, even the buildings of the personalized area of ​​Golestan Gharbi town (railway town) is more than 100 meters and can rarely be Found apartments between 50 and 100 meters.

The largest volume of small apartments in Chitgar is between 60 and 85 meters in the northern part of Hemmat Highway, such as the residential town of Shahid and Shahid Bagheri, and in the area around Chitgar there are only a few towers where small units can be rented. So, if you are looking for small units, your option is to live in the towers of Chitgar town, Sample town, Shahid Bagheri town, Labkhand tower, Amin tower, Sarvanaz tower, Chitgar citadel, Omid Dejban town, which you can get more information by contacting our experts.


Rent a new apartment in District 22

Depending on the price of the apartments and houses that are being rented out, different collections and properties will display their related files to the public in this area. No doubt a successful rental suite will have more files on hand; Property 4030 Due to the availability of professionals and professional consultants your request for Rent an apartment in District 22 It does its best. If you are looking to buy or rent an apartment around Chitgarh Lake, enter the sales site 22 and visit the desired properties for rent,

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Of course, the sales site 22, like other real estate websites, does not expose many of its private and private properties to the public, so this is why certain files exist in secret.

Chitgar apartment rental can be found in abundance on sales site 22; If you want to rent a property in this area, it is recommended that you enter the sales site 22 and select the property you want, then according to the conditions of time and place, contact the consultants and get your favorite property in a short time. .


Why rent in District 22 of Tehran

Today, many people, especially young people, are looking to rent a new apartment. Given that most of the apartments in District 22 are newly built, they have attracted a lot of attention. The existence of suitable recreational and service facilities, including Iran Mall, Bam Land and several large properties in this area, as well as the presence of Chitgar Lake, Tehran Waterfall and Chitgar Forest, make District 22 unnecessary in terms of recreational facilities from other areas. On the other hand, region 22 also has a good climate.

If you are looking for excellent conditions in District 22, it is recommended that you visit the properties available at Site 22 for sale. By clicking on the links above, you can easily enter the specialized properties of the same section, and according to your budget and taste, put your selected items in the visit list; Depending on your choice, consultants can understand your relative taste and show you their specialized and personal files on the day of the visit; If you are considering a specific property on sales site 22, it is recommended that you contact the relevant unit so that after a phone call, the consultants will put your selected files on the visit list.

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