Apple has closed one-fifth of its stores due to a new wave of coronavirus

The world began 2020 with the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19); A virus that changed the way of life and closed many centers and industries, and as a result, caused huge losses. 2021 is apparently no exception to this rule, and with the onset of the cold season, a new wave of coronavirus is spreading around the world, including in our own country; Therefore, European countries and the United States have been forced to impose heavy restrictions on the eve of the New Year. Apple has announced that it is temporarily closing its stores in California, many other parts of the United States, Mexico and Brazil, and is about to close 16 more stores across the UK.

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The tech giant Cupertino, which closed its stores in Germany and the Netherlands last week, has closed nearly 100 stores, or about one-fifth of its stores worldwide. All stores in California, four stores in Tennessee, three stores in Utah, four stores in Minnesota, two stores in Oklahoma and two stores in Portland, Oregon and Anchorage, Alaska, Omaha, Nebraska, Albuquerque and New Mexico are closed until further notice. Stores in the UK, Mexico and Brazil have been closed since December 20.

It is not difficult to guess why the stores are closing again. As mentioned, the new wave of the Corona virus has swept across Europe and the United States; In particular, the state of California, which last week recorded four consecutive deadly days as part of a steady increase in morbidity, and in London, under the direction of Boris Johnson, with the increasing death toll, the city will begin full quarantine from midnight. Apple said in a statement:

Due to the current situation of the coronavirus epidemic in some of the communities we serve, we will temporarily close stores in these areas.

For the first time since the outbreak of the Corona virus, California has activated the SF Bay Area Emergency Alert System and sends messages directly to all smartphones in the area to inform out-of-home orders.

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