Apple has started reducing the App Store fee prematurely

In August of this year, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store due to tensions with Epic Games. The story began when Epic Games used its Fortnite payment gateway to avoid paying Apple’s 30% fee and somehow circumvented Apple’s rules. In retaliation, Apple dropped Fortnite from the App Store, saying in a statement that it was violating the rules of the App Store.

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The Cupertinos have been closely monitored by regulators and anti-monopoly committees for several months because of the issues that have arisen. Apple recently took a big step toward easing tensions, lowering the App Store fee for developers with an annual revenue of less than $ 1 million from 30 percent to 15 percent. Apparently, this incentive plan will include 98% of the App Store developers. It is now clear that Apple has launched an incentive plan for developers ahead of schedule.

Last month, Apple unveiled an app called the App Store Small Business to reduce the App Store fee rate from 30 percent to 15 percent. Therefore, for each sale made through the App Store or in-app purchase from developers, the said percentage will be received; Of course, as mentioned, developers who earn up to $ 1 million a year from the App Store will be eligible, and big, high-paying developers, including Netflix, Amazon, Disney, etc., will still be required to pay a 30% fee.

Based on previous reports, it was predicted that the App Store fee reduction will be officially applied from January 1, 2021; But the evidence shows that the tech giant has started the project prematurely to encourage small businesses and developers. yesterday, Aditya RajveerMarvis App developer tweeted that they now receive $ 5.09 from a $ 5.99 purchase, which is in line with Apple’s 15% fee. This developer says:

It seems that the change in the fee rate to 15% has already been activated. In the United States, I made $ 5.09 from the $ 5.99 purchase, and I thank Apple.

David HodgeIn another similar report, another developer acknowledged that Apple had enabled the feature for developers ahead of time. Most developers seem to be happy with Apple’s 15% pay cut; But companies such as Spotify and Epic Games, which are often large developers, have expressed frustration with Apple’s 15% exemption for small businesses only; Because they do not qualify for this scheme with an income of more than a few hundred million dollars.

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