Apple suspends Wistron business

Last month, Apple suspended its relationship with Pagatron, the third-largest iPhone maker, due to forced student labor in the company’s factories. The tech giant Cupertino is now said to have suspended ties with the company following the recent riots at the Wistron plant. According to Reuters and Bloomberg, Apple has “conditioned” relations with the Taiwanese manufacturing giant after finding a supplier to exploit factory workers in India; That means it will not do new business with Apple until Wisteron fixes it.

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Recently, a large number of employees of Wistron Company, one of the major manufacturers of iPhones, revolted due to low wages and caused a lot of damage to the Wistron factory in India. Hundreds to 2,000 workers were reportedly involved in a riot at the iPhone Wistron assembly plant in Bangalore, India, and video footage shows people assembling assembly units, smashing glass and turning cars upside down, setting them on fire. . Wisteron estimates the total cost of the damages at Rs 4.38 billion ($ 60 million).

According to Reuters, investigations now show that the workers’ protest was justified and that the local government found serious examples of labor rights violations in its preliminary investigation. Wisteron is said to have paid workers lower wages and forced them to work overtime. In addition, the SCMP reports that police are investigating organizations that sent contract workers to Wistron.

In addition, there have been allegations of intermediaries abusing contract workers and reducing their wages; Because the police are looking for the role of six contractors who acted as collaborators for Wisteron. They reportedly discouraged workers from going on holiday by promising to pay extra. The research documents indicate that 8,500 Westeron employees were contract workers or temporary workers. This is while the allowable right of temporary workers for Wisteron is estimated at fifty thousand people. In a statement, Wisteron apologized for the incident.

We improve our behavior and change our teams again to make sure these things don’t happen again. There is currently a 24-hour hotline for complaints and an employee assistant program. We have also fired our business manager in India.

Technology giant Cupertino has a long history of blackmail, and a recent report suggests that Apple will ignore it even when it knows there is a problem. Now the big question is: was Apple aware of this or has it been forced to suspend trade with the Wistron plant now that the case has been reported in the media? What do you think about this news?

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