Apple will probably unveil the AirPad Pro Lite in the first half of 2021

Apple recently unveiled the first Airpod Max headset with a press release to put an end to the many rumors about these headphones. Following the previous claims and rumors about another member of this family called AirPods Pro Lite (AirPods Pro Lite), new news has been published about their price and release time, which is in fact a cost-effective version of the current AirPod Pro.

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According to sources in Apple’s supply chain, the low-cost AirPad Pro is expected to be reviewed before the end of 2020 and will likely be unveiled between January and June 2021. According to TheElec website, there is currently a South Korean-based supplier of system-in-package developmentěž(SiP) has started to be used in new AirPads and it is said that this SiP, like the current Pro model, uses the H1 chip for audio enhancements.

Citing an anonymous person familiar with Apple’s plans, the publication says that the price of the AirPad Pro Lite will be 20% lower than the AirPad Pro, and the Light model was originally intended for release in 2019; But due to sales exceeding expectations of the AirPad Pro, Apple delayed its release and postponed its introduction to another time. Considering the AirPad Max, these headphones are actually the fifth version of the very popular AirPad headphones.

The 20% price reduction compared to the current AirPod Pro means that the AirPad Pro Lite will be priced at around $ 199, which is exactly the same price as the second-generation AirPad with a wireless charging case, and the regular AirPad with a wireless case. Available for $ 159; Therefore, it is likely that AirPad Lite is the third generation of AirPod.

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According to previous rumors, the design of the third generation AirPad is similar to the current AirPod Pro, with a shorter stem and replaceable silicone pads; But to reduce the price, it will not have advanced features such as active noise cancellation. In addition, Apple is likely to be working on an upgraded version of the smaller AirPad Pro with a rounder design.

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