Apple will remove more games from the Chinese App Store

Wall street Journal An exclusive report claims that Apple has begun the process of removing thousands of games from the Apple App Store. China bans games that do not have the necessary licenses, and for this reason we have seen the removal of games from the Chinese App Store many times; Of course, in some cases, this is also extended to applications.

Last month, Apple warned Chinese developers that “a new series of monetary games is in danger of being eliminated.” The Wall Street Journal says Apple has been working on the removal process for months, and the first series of game deletions took place last summer. Apple reminded developers this month that “premium games and those with in-app payment systems only have until December 31, 2020” to provide Apple with the necessary evidence to obtain a license from the Chinese government. .

The main problem goes back to a Chinese government law that explicitly states that video games must be licensed before being released in China. For years, App Store developers have been able to circumvent this rule and publish their games on the Apple Online Store without the need for a license. One of the remarks made to Apple is that video games are allowed to be released on the App Store during the Chinese government licensing process. In addition, in some particular cases, the App Store does not generally require a license from the Chinese government for games.

According to a new Wall Street Journal report, China has asked Apple to remove Tripadvisor and more than 100 other apps from the App Store without giving a specific explanation. The Wall Street Journal says the process of removing games and apps from the App Store is being pursued as the Chinese have stepped up their efforts to monitor the Internet and censor content more seriously.

China’s cyberspace bureau has apparently “outlawed applications بدون without specifying crimes” and called for their removal. Most of the applications whose removal request has been registered apparently belong to Chinese developers. Tripadvisor prefers to ignore reporters’ requests for comment.

An Apple spokesman told The Wall Street Journal that the App Store is subject to government regulations. According to him, Apple carefully examines such requests and often opposes them. However, as Apple says, final decisions are sometimes made against the wishes of the company.

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