At least until 2022, there will be no folding version of the iPhone

According to new reports, Apple is working on producing an iPhone with a foldable screen; But such products will not be available in 2021. According to Digitimes media reports, the Cupertinos have ordered the monthly production of 900,000 flexible OLED panels from Samsung Display, which, of course, is expected to increase over time.

Digitimes Media, which is close to Apple’s supply chain, concluded in its research that the reason for the increase in the order of OLED panels will be the entry of the Cupertinos into the clamshell smartphone market. This seems perfectly reasonable; Because different companies have entered the clamshell market, Apple is likely to be ready to launch products with similar features.

In fact, the popularity of foldable smartphones has increased dramatically compared to the past, and some companies have even launched second-generation products. However, the Cupertinoites seem to have adopted a similar policy to the Apple Watch over the clamshell iPhone.

Apple competed with smartwatches a little later than other companies; But it launched a product that was a combination of popular and user-friendly features. This can be seen in the need to reconsider the design of the various Apple Watch series and their proper sales in global markets.

The time frame helps Apple design a smartphone that fits the tastes of its users and has no problem getting the parts it needs. The iPhone 12 family of phones ran into a lot of problems due to a lack of components, including delays in release, and most likely, Apple executives want something similar to the iPhone 12 to happen for future Cupertino products.

However, the evidence cited by the Digitimes media is very close to reality and increases the likelihood of launching a clamshell iPhone. However, we have to wait and see what the Cupertinoites plan for the future of the iPhone family of products. Will the clamshell iPhone be one of the main models of the iPhone series, or like Samsung, which introduced the Galaxy Z family, will Apple also unveil new families of the iPhone with the clamshell display feature?

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