Batgirl and Static Shock movies may only be broadcast on HBO Max

Warner Bros. will likely release some of the DC Comics comics from HBO Max only.

A few days ago Wonder Woman 1984 It became the first major DC superhero film to hit the HBO Max streaming service at the same time as its theatrical release, a film that had a very successful start and with Record-breaking in Achbia and Max, Warner Bros. officials are now considering using the potential of the service even after the end of the coronavirus epidemic, and one of them may be the production of proprietary films.

Walter HamadaIn his recent remarks, the head of the DC Comics department noted that from 2022 onwards, up to four large, high-budget films will be released in cinemas each year with DC Comics characters, and Warner Bros. will be producing films alongside them. It also works more compactly and less cost-effectively for display in HQ and Max; Works that are supposed to be made with characters who may not sell as well as the main superheroes of Dessie and will somehow be more risky to produce, such as Batgirl and Static Shock.

The first rumors about the production of the Betgrell movie go back a long way and were originally supposed to جاس ویدون To direct it. But he withdrew from the project in 2018 and later Christina Hudson, Screenwriter Birds of Prey movie Selected as the author of the film Betgrell. Warner Bros. is also looking for a female director to lead the project these days.

Static Shock, on the other hand, is set to be based on the adventures of one of Decy’s relatively new characters; A character who, of course, was originally part of the Milestone Publishing story and later joined Dysi after the closure of the company’s comics subsidiary. Michael B. Jordan, Actor in the movie Black Panther (Black Panther) about three months ago He was introduced as the producer of this film And is supposed to accompany Reginald Hadlin Supervise the film adaptation of this Mileson / Ducie character; A film whose author and director have not yet been determined.

In addition to the two films, which are likely to be released exclusively on HBO and Max and will not be released worldwide, Walter Hamada has announced the production of Spinoff based on various Ducie films: “From now on, with the production of every movie, “We are also thinking about the potential of building an ancillary collection for HBO and Max.”

He also answers a question about the complexity of the other world in movies and TV series and the possibility that audiences may be confused by following multiverse and different models of characters in this way: “I do not think that another company like us has done this today. Be. “But despite the complexities of this work, our audience has so much love and interest in the characters and the other world that they understand everything well, and it is enough for us to prepare good works for them to follow with enthusiasm.”

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