Batman Beyond entered the Justice League in the Batman Beyond comic book series

DC Comics ended the Batman Beyond comic book series with a very good scene and officially introduced the more popular character McGuinness to the Justice League through Wonder Woman.

In the latest news from the comic world, Terry McGuinness has finally joined the Justice League. In the final pages of the 50th episode of the Batman Beyond comic book series, fans finally heard the news they were waiting for: The hero known among readers as Batman Bayond is set to join the biggest multiverse superhero team in the DC world. Other heroes are present. The author of this comic book series, Dan Jorgens, after 67 episodes, finished his story line in the Batman Beyond series, and he did it in a very beautiful way. In the final part we saw that Bruce Wayne is in a very bad situation.

This episode showed us that the biggest enemy is free, so Wonder Woman appeared to help the heroes of the story. When the story was coming to an end, Wonder Woman offered Terry to join the Justice League; Something that surprised him a lot. In the final episode, we saw how the character now put Bruce Wayne in danger. Terry or Diana, on the other hand, teamed up to defeat now and get Bruce out of that situation. In the end, Bruce was still in the hospital bed but promised that this was not the end of the story because he still had a lot to offer.

During this issue, Wonder Woman repeatedly used the phrase “his friends” to refer to the Justice League, explaining that these friends had been under constant scrutiny during this time. It was at this final moment that Diana finally decided to speak openly about this issue and stated that she wanted to introduce her to a series of people. “My friends want to see you,” Diana told Terry. “In any case, the Justice League is not complete … without Batman.” This was the last thing we were shown; So we could not really see him meeting the other team members.

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Jorgens spent almost the last part of his storyline in the Batman Beyond long comic book series to confront the protagonist with a series of special things; Things that can define Jorgens’ career. Not just the story of the Justice League, but the fact that he allowed his character to travel through time and come to the present. In this story, he teamed up with Booster Gold as well as Bruce Wayne / Batman, who was at his peak, and everything went hand in hand to form a bizarre storyline.

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