Koi Takmo new games will end in 2021 waiting for some fans

Kui Takmo Studio, while congratulating the New Year, announced that the studio will introduce new games in 2021. Koei Tecmo Studio has recently shared its New Year greeting card on the Famitsu website, which announces some interesting events in 2021. Developer and publisher Yokohama notes that the studio is finally introducing new games in 2021 […]

The Elder Scrolls TV series is apparently being made by Netflix

A new rumor about Bethesda and Netflix collaborating is likely to make a TV series The Elder Scrolls Refers. Netflix streaming network with several projects such as The Witcher، Castlevania And Assassin’s Creed And Resident Evil It has become the center of production of TV content based on the famous and successful video game series. […]

Popular gadget of 2020 from the point of view of Zomit editorial

The year 2020 brought many bitternesses; The corona world, natural disasters, and numerous deadly events have all grieved us; But in the meantime, the tech world, despite facing the strange challenges of 2020, has marked several turning points; Events that eased the bitterness of last year a little and gave tech enthusiasts hope for 2021. […]