Bugatti has introduced the Royal Home Audio System

Bugatti is best known for making luxury cars, and now the company has entered a new business. Since Bugatti produces high-end cars, its new product is also very high-end. The familiar carmaker has developed a home audio system in collaboration with the German company Tidal; Of course, we have to point out that this company has nothing to do with the Tidal music streaming service.

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Bugatti Home Audio System is Bugatti’s first luxury product in this field and is launched under the name “Royal”. If you are a fan of luxury cars, you know that Bugatti produces the fastest cars in the world. Now making this home audio system by this company has excited many.

The Royal speakers are mounted on the floor and consist of four subwoofers. A three-way driver can be seen on these speakers, and each of these speakers has its own amplifier. Royal speakers come with Bugatti controllers that allow users to connect the speakers to a variety of devices.

Bugatti only launches 30 pairs of these speakers in two different models. One of these models is called Noir and the other is Blanc. This home audio system weighs 160 kg and it is not yet clear at what price it will hit the market.

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