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Sony considers the PSN fraudsters its biggest enemy and brutally burns them all silver. Even its longtime rival, Microsoft, does not get on the nerves of the Japanese with Xbox consoles.

If you do not want to face severe penalties from this super company, you should use valid gift cards for your PlayStation.

Since our country is under sanctions, it is not possible for all users to purchase PlayStation features directly. On the other hand, profiteers, as usual, have set traps in the world of the Internet and are waiting to sell their fake gift cards to users from everywhere unaware.

This report is about the PlayStation Gift Card and in it we tell you how you can buy PlayStation Gift Card Do.

But the first question is what is a PlayStation Gift Card?

Gift card, license to use PSN

Sony has designed a network for its game consoles called PSN; Abbreviation for PlayStation Network. This network is full of downloadable games, movies, TV shows, etc. A complete and entertaining package of various contents that you must have permission to use.

PlayStation Gift Card is licensed to use this network. Just as the police can search a personal property using a court order, you can also buy a ps4 gift card Take an adventure on this network and make the most of Take PSN.

Of course, the gift card is not a physical card; It is a digital code that is provided to the user after purchasing it online. By entering the gift card code, the user can use the PSN service.

To learn how the psn gift card works and how to use it, read the article «Learn how to use the PlayStation Gift Card»Read on Mobogift blog.

Buy a $ 10 PlayStation Network Gift Card

Penalty for using a fake gift card

We repeat, Sony hates fraudsters! When you use a fake gift card for your PSN account, you irritate the almond eyes. That’s why they do their best to make you regret what you did. Of course, do not think that some samurai with their swords are waiting in front of the house to settle accounts, Sony is calculating with you in a different way. Dear console!

Gamers and fans of computer games know that it is a very bitter experience. If you listen to the words of someone who lost his console, you will understand the depth of the tragedy. Sony bans people who use invalid gift cards. A modern and fierce punishment.

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The PlayStation Security team applies the ban in two ways.

The first case is to delete the wrong account; This happens if an account violates the rules of this network and Sony is upset about this. The closure of an account can be temporary or permanent. If this happens to the user, it will not be possible to use products that have already been purchased.

Of course, in this case, the situation is not very critical. If the punishment is temporary, the problem will go away after a while. After removing the bin, be more careful about your behavior on PSN so that you do not break the rules again. Even if it is a permanent penalty, you just have to give up your account assets. Create a new account and focus more this time.

The second case, however, is more frightening. In this case, your device will be completely disconnected from the PSN network. According to Sony officials, there is no room for forgiveness for those affected by the punishment. In this case, you can only play offline and all the features of the PlayStation Network will be blocked for you. forever!

When you use an invalid gift card, you will be banned in the second way. If you think the PSN security team can’t identify you, we’re sorely mistaken. It is almost impossible to deceive the petty Japanese.

A safe solution is to buy a PlayStation Gift Card (of its valid type). From where? From a reputable store.

Buy a valid gift card from Mobogift

The most sensible way to use the PlayStation Network or PSN is to log in legally and approved by Sony. In order not to be considered a fraud, you must use valid gift cards. Do not forget that the special conditions of our country in this regard and the lack of supervision over the sale and purchase of such items, provide the ground for fraud for fraudsters. Therefore, you should be careful to get your gift card from a reputable store. Mobogift site It is one of these stores.

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MoboGift is known as a system for selling all kinds of gift cards and you can buy PS4 gift cards in that regard. Do.

One of the most notable features of Mobogift is the simplicity of the buying process. All you have to do is enter the site and select the PlayStation Gift Card. After entering the bank portal and paying for the selected product, the gift card code will be sent to you immediately by SMS or email. Now you can log in to PSN and enjoy the endless world of the PlayStation Network.

Also, with each purchase from Mobogift, depending on the product purchased, you will be awarded a point that you can use as a discount code in future purchases. If you are planning to buy a PlayStation Gift Card, gift cards from three countries, the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, are available for sale.

Note that your gift card must be prepared according to the region of your device.

Buy a gift card from Mobogift

Use only valid gift cards

Sony has been dealing with hackers for years and trying its best to prevent them from abusing PlayStation related services and products in various ways. This brawl has turned into enmity and the samurai have no mercy on their enemies.

Severe penalties have been imposed on fraudsters and violators of the PlayStation Network. The worst of these punishments is the permanent blocking of your device; This means that your device will no longer be connected to the PSN network. never!

If you do not want to be caught in the crossfire, the first thing you need to do is use a valid PlayStation Gift Card. Sony security team checks your presence permit, which is the same as the gift card, and if it finds it counterfeit, then your hat is awesome!

As a valid system with an electronic trust symbol, Mobogift is a safe option for buying a PlayStation Gift Card.

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