Canon’s new patent; Remove the camera shutter button and use the shutter touchpad

Shutter buttons have been an integral part of cameras and camcorders from the beginning and are among the features of cameras that have not seen much innovation over the years. But it seems that Canon has begun its efforts to redefine the concept we have in mind of the shutter button. Apparently, Canon intends to remove the shutter button from its cameras in the future and replace it with a touch screen (touchpad) as a shutter in the camera.

The latest patent filed by Canon in Japan for the first time by a news agency Canon News It was seen that the Japanese company is thinking of replacing the shutter button of its cameras with a touch surface that is sensitive to finger tapping. In addition to acting as a shutter and providing the ability to adjust focus and exposure, this touch area has other capabilities.

Below is a design that is included in the Canon patent. In this design, make sure the shutter button is not where it should be:

Canon camera design with patent touchpad shutter patent

Canon’s touchpad will have a specific application based on what you do with the camera at any given time. For example, you may be setting up a camera feature or opening a special menu. In fact, the patent states that the touch area may have a specific function in each of the menus in the settings section.

Display The LCDs on the back of the cameras have more than just displaying photos and videos, and the user can do things like select focus points by touching the screen. Similar to monitors, the touch area on the body of the camera can provide users with a new and simple way to change settings or select new autofocus points. The camera touch screen may have built-in sensors to detect “impact” or “swipe” to get things done.

Canon TouchPad Shutter Patent Touch Screen and its Features

Those photographers who care about the camera shutter button and, more precisely, the feeling they get from it, may not be able to easily cope with the lack of it in the cameras. Canon News writes that all photographers are sensitive to the sensation they receive from the shutter button, and “the touch screen does not convey any emotion to them; “This page is just the area you tap your finger on.” Canon News believes that photographers, after decades of working with the shutter button, will need “a long time” to get used to cameras equipped with a touchpad shutter.

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One of the benefits of using a touchpad shutter instead of a shutter button is to improve the cameras’ resistance to water penetration, Canon News reports. The shutter button is the area of ​​the camera through which water can easily enter and damage the camera.

What we have said in this article is taken from Canon’s new patent, and nothing is certain yet. There is no guarantee that patents will appear in the form of actual products. However, it is interesting to know the ideas that companies like Canon have for the future of cameras.

What do you Zumite users think about removing the shutter button from the camera?

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