Cash dollar earnings with Masterxchanger

Due to the banking sanctions imposed on our beloved country, there are always problems for online business owners to buy or sell digital products and services; These include the purchase of domain cyber security services and Internet payment.

With the increasing growth of investment in the field of blockchain by individuals and companies large and small around the world, Masterxchanger has provided the opportunity for Iranian users to experience buying and investing in this field by paying in Rials.


Services now Buy and sell bitcoins, Atrium, Ripple, Light Coin, Bitcoin Cash and Tetra are available to Iranian users. All you have to do is start buying and selling by registering on the MasterChanger website and authenticating.

MasterCchanger gives its users such privileges Make Dollars Introduces and cooperates in sales; In this way, after registration, the user receives a unique introductory link through which each new user registers and starts earning money from the sale of dollars in two modes of fixed income and commission.


Fixed income

  • By registering each new user through the unique referrer introduction link, a dollar amount will be added to the referrer account as soon as the email is confirmed.
  • Upon confirmation of the user’s mobile number, another dollar amount will be credited to the referrer account.
  • Similarly, by completing the authentication of new users, more dollars will be awarded to the identifier.

Earnings from sales cooperation

With each purchase and sale of users introduced depending on the type Digital currency Purchased or sold, up to 20% of the transaction profit will be credited to the identifier account.. Dollars earned by referral users can be withdrawn in dollars and rials.

Masterxchanger has been operating since 1998 with the official permission of the Ministry of Industry and Mines and the approval of the electronic symbol. If you are a user of MasterChange and you have benefited from its services, you can express your support by giving points to this collection in the web and mobile festival..

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