Check the Samsung UR59C Curved Monitor

The 32-inch curved Samsung UR59C monitor is a 4K resolution monitor with a 60kHz refresh rate. Be with Zomji by reviewing this product.

Until a few years ago, buying a 4K monitor was virtually out of the reach of many ordinary users due to the high price of these products. But with the advancement of technology and the cheaper 4K panels, monitors with this resolution gradually opened their feet to the desks of ordinary users. Samsung UR59C curved monitor is another product that has tried to become a great option for ordinary users with good features and reasonable prices.

With the launch of this monitor, Samsung has tried to offer products to users so that it can meet all their needs. The target audience of this Samsung product is all PC users. Those who want to play games, cinema lovers or those who only use their personal computers for work, are among the audience of this monitor. Has Samsung succeeded in launching a product that can satisfy all people with different uses? To find out the answer to this question, check out the Zomji and review the Samsung UR59C 32-inch curved monitor.

Image from the front view of the Samsung UR59C monitor

Samsung UR59C display specifications

Screen size 32 inches
resolution 3840 in 2160
Response time Four milliseconds
Image ratio 16: 9
Viewing Angle 178 degrees
Panel type VA
Refresh rate 60 Hz
Contrast ratio 2500: 1
Display type Curved
Bending radius

1500 mm

The Samsung UR59C monitor is a simple and beautiful display in terms of appearance. Unlike monitors that try to show their use with their weird designs (for example, gaming monitors have a weird look and usually RGB exposure, and monitors that are marketed for office and commercial use have a very stylish look. And are high), Samsung 4K monitor, has a simple but beautiful appearance. The 32-inch screen has very small bezels and a silver stripe on the bottom with the Samsung brand logo on it.

Picture of the Samsung UR59C monitor overview

The base of this display also has a very simple but practical design. The V-shaped metal base attached to the back of the monitor easily bears the weight of this curved display, allowing the monitor to fit snugly on the desktop. One of the drawbacks of the Samsung UR59C monitor is that it does not have the ability to rotate to the sides or adjust the height. The base of the display is completely fixed and the user has no way to adjust its height or viewing angle. The user can only adjust the screen 17 degrees backwards and two degrees forward. This may cause the user a bit of difficulty in achieving the best and most comfortable viewing angle. One of Samsung’s weird decisions about the UR59C monitor is that it does not support VESA mounts, leaving you with no choice but to mount the display on your desktop.

Samsung UR59C Tilt Monitor

At the back of the screen, its inputs are located along with the monitor’s joystick joystick. An HDMI port, a Display Port, the power cable input, and the audio output make up the input and output of this display. The monitor adjustment bar is also located here, which can be easily accessed from the front of the screen. One of the good features of the Samsung UR59C monitor is how it manages its cables. There is an empty space at the base of the display through which the user can pass their cables, and by placing the plastic cover that Samsung has provided for the connection of the cables, you can achieve a very clean appearance without any cables and wires.

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Another disadvantage that can be considered for this 4K display is the lack of USB input on the monitor body. A feature we have become accustomed to seeing on monitors that have entered the market in recent years. Another strange problem with this display is the lack of inputs. An HDMI input and a display port are the only UR59C monitor inputs that seem small for a display with these specifications, and you can finally connect a PC and a game console to it, and unfortunately you have to connect one to more devices. Disconnect current inputs.

The joystick behind the display is the only way the user can interact with the UR59C monitor. Pressing the joystick inwards will turn on the screen, and when the screen is on, pressing the joystick button inwards will bring up the OSD menu. Where all monitor settings are made. One of the interesting features of this display is that the user can view the image of two inputs simultaneously. The user can even specify the main source of the sound. In this case, the screen image is cut in half and each input is displayed on one side. Other display settings such as color adjustment and the use of preset profiles are also done through this joystick.

But the most important feature of a monitor is its image quality, so Samsung brings excellent quality to the user with the UR59C monitor. Although we recommend that you calibrate the monitor manually and accurately before using it to improve the image, in general, the default image of this screen is also a very good image. The resolution of 3840 by 2160 on a 32-inch display is very eye-catching, and especially the text is displayed as beautifully as possible on it. On the other hand, thanks to the curvature of the screen, watching 4K movies or playing games brings a much more immersive experience to the user.

Playing on the Samsung UR59C monitor

With the introduction of powerful graphics cards by AMD and Nvidia, playing with 4K resolution and high frame rates is no longer an unattainable dream. Although playing 4K resolution requires a very powerful system, this is not out of reach for ordinary users. For this reason, many users who have a relatively powerful system, with a 4K resolution display, will have a glimpse of playing on it. As mentioned above, with this screen, Samsung intends to launch a product that can meet the needs of a wide range of audiences, and gaming is one of the uses that the UR59C can handle well.

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Although the display’s 60Hz refresh rate does not allow you to run games at more than 60 frames per second, the Samsung UR59C monitor still performed very well in games. Samsung has even added a mode called Game Mode to this screen that displays colors more vividly. On the other hand, the curvature of the screen makes you feel more immersive when experiencing games. Many people feel that the curvature of the screen or TV is inefficient. While this is somewhat true, the 1,500mm radius of the screen makes for a nice curvature that enhances gaming fun. The 4 millisecond response of the screen also makes playing on this screen very exciting and attractive. Of course, you should keep in mind that to enjoy all the features of this display, you must have a system that can run games in 4K resolution.

Side view of Samsung UR59C monitor

On the other hand, watching movies and multimedia content on this screen is very enjoyable. Watching movies is one of the most enjoyable things you can do with this screen, thanks to the smooth curvature as well as the amazing colors thanks to the VA panel (which makes it possible to achieve high contrast). On the other hand, the UR59C monitor is a great option for everyday use and even work. The writing on this screen is incredibly sharp and makes reading texts or writing a lot of fun.

With the release of the UR59C display, Samsung intends to launch a monitor that can have a great image, suitable for all tasks, and it must be said that it has been very successful in this regard. The UR59C curved display is one of those products that can keep all users happy. By slightly calibrating the monitor, you can get an image that is not available on much more expensive monitors. Playing, watching movies and doing everyday things on this screen is very enjoyable.

Cyberpunk game on Samsung UR59C monitor

The curvature of the screen does not affect your experience at all, and on the contrary, it makes you have a more inclusive experience. Thanks to a very good radius of 1500 mm, we never see image corruption in the curved parts of the UR59C monitor. Although professional gamers may complain about the refresh rate of this screen and even prefer to play with a 144Hz monitor and lower resolution, but ordinary users who need a screen that can meet all their needs , Will definitely not regret buying the UR59C.

With all this said, the flaws of Samsung 4K monitor can not be ignored. Lack of support for the VESA standard, low inputs and inability to adjust the height are the drawbacks of this screen. But if you want to get a display that is suitable for everything and at the same time has 4K resolution and offers you a great image, the curved monitor UR59C with very good features, sharp image and with proper accuracy and curvature is a very good offer for Is you.

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