Cherry’s new posters show the different appearances of Tom Holland in the film

Recently, several new posters from the movie Cherry have been released, in which we see the changes in the appearance of Tom Holland during the events of the movie.

It was earlier this month that the first official Cherry movie poster was released, and now In the latest Movie and TV news, Apple has released more posters of the Chery movie. For the New Year, Apple has released several more posters of the movie Cherry. These posters actually show the process of change and life of Nico Walker character played by Tom Holland, in which we see his portrayal from the student period to military service and then theft, which shows that the events of Chery movie are not going to take place only in a specific period. In fact, we are going to look at the life of Nico Walker in a few specific time periods, and you can see these posters below:

Tom Holland In the role of Nico Walker, Sierra Bravo In the role of Emily, Bill Oscarsgوردrd, Jack Rainer, Forrest Goodlock, Jeff Wahlberg, Michael Gandolfini, Thomas Lennon, Kelly Bergland, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Nicole Forster, Jamie Go and Pooch Hall, Are among the actors who have appeared in the movie Cherry and have played roles. Chery is in charge of directing the film جو And Anthony Rousseau, Directed by Avengers: Endgame.

Cherry tells the true story of a former U.S. Army doctor named Nico Walker, who actually wrote his autobiography. After returning from Iraq and serving in the US military in Iraq, Walker fell ill and became addicted to drugs, and then decided to rob a bank. Jessica Goldberg and Angela Rousseau-Austot They wrote the screenplay for Chery based on the novel of the same name by Nico Walker.

Cherry will be shown in select cinemas on February 26, 2021 (March 28) to have a chance to participate in the awards season and the Oscar competition. Chery movie will also be released on March 12, 2021 (March 22) from Apple TV Plus streaming service.

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