Collaboration between Google and Qualcomm to increase software support time for Android phones

Google’s Treble project allows software support time for Android products to increase somewhat; But there are problems with the project, which can be summarized in terms of hardware and chips used in smartphones and tablets. In fact, the chip is designed and manufactured solely to provide more computing power; But in chip design, things like long-term software support are not in the engineers’ work plan.

In a nutshell, smartphone makers need to synchronize each product with the new version of Google’s operating system by releasing major Android updates, and items such as software frameworks and implementations made by the product maker may prevent stable versions from taking full advantage of the device. Be.

In this regard, Google and Qualcomm have partnered with the Treble project to simplify the software updates for Android products equipped with the Snapdragon chip, resulting in longer software support, including newer versions of the Android operating system and security packages.

Working with two tech giants, Qualcomm could design new Snapdragon chips based on Google implementation. Such a move would increase the possibility of software support for products using Qualcomm’s newer chips for up to four years.

Google designs the Android update, which includes monthly and annual versions, based on its own patterns, and manufacturers must adapt their products to the new updates. If Qualcomm and Google can be successful in the Treble project, many of the steps of synchronizing products equipped with Qualcomm’s new chip will be removed with new updates to the Android operating system, and manufacturers will need to synchronize less software with the new version of Android.

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Currently, manufacturers are trying to provide flagship and high-end products up to 3 years and other products up to 2 years software support; But with the success of the Treble project, Android smartphone makers will be more open to release four new versions of Android for their products after using the new Snapdragon chips. Such a measure could be reduced to a minimum of 4 years of monthly security packages for intermediate or downstream products for which the manufacturer has no plans to provide long-term support.

The Snapdragon 888 is expected to be Qualcomm’s first chip based on the Treble project. Snapdragon 888 is a chip with high-end hardware specifications that will be used in high-end and flagship products in 2021. Naturally, Qualcomm also has plans to release Treble-based chips in various hardware categories, which have not yet been identified.

Long-term support goes back to the policies of smartphone makers and they may not do so despite the possibility of supporting their products for 4 years. Other chip makers for pre-shipping gadgets like MediaTek are expected to join the Treble project in the future.

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