Crash Team Racing game became free for a limited time for Switch online service subscribers

For the New Year, Nintendo Switch online service subscribers can experience the popular Crash Team Racing game for free from 10 Azar to 16 Azar.

Online Services In addition to providing online and multiplayer gaming experiences for their subscribers, they also sometimes offer games for free. Nintendo also provided an online service for users of the Switch console after launching it in 2017. Nintendo Switch online service, with its lower price tag compared to competitors and offering nostalgic games and popular old Nintendo consoles, is increasing the number of its subscribers day by day.

Now, in the latest game news, a few hours ago, Nintendo announced on its official Twitter account that for a limited time, from tomorrow, December 31st to December 7th, subscribers of this service can experience the popular Crash Team Racing game for free.

Free version of Crash Team Racing game for Nintendo Switch online service subscribers

As you probably know, Crash Team Racing, which was released last year for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, is actually a remastered version of the 1999 film by Nate Dogg.

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Since Crash Team Racing is a family and fun game, Nintendo has made this offer for its audience on the occasion of the New Year. So if you still haven’t had a chance to buy this game, it seems that now is the best time to experience the game before paying $ 40.

It remains to be seen whether the clever decision by Nintendo and Activision can ultimately turn the Switch console into a valuable gift for the upcoming holidays and eventually record a remarkable sale. Please share your opinions and predictions in this field with us.

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