Criticism of Promising Young Woman from the point of view of reputable sites in the world

The drama and horror film Promising Young Woman was recently released in theaters across the United States and received rave reviews from critics.

Promising Young Woman is one of the latest drama, horror, comedy and crime films of Focus Features, made by the talented actor, producer, writer and director Emerald Phenol. Among the works of this artist can be found in the film Vita & Virginia (Vita and Virginia), film Pan (Penn), film The Danish Girl, Anna Karenina, Albert Nobbs (Albert Nabz), serial The Crown (Crown), serial Killing Eve (Kill Eve) and other works Cited. In The Future Young Woman, popular actresses such as Carrie Mulligan as Cassandra “Someone” Thomas, Bo Burnham as Dr. Ryan Cooper, Alison Berry as Madison, Clancy Brown as Stanley Tunas, Jennifer Coolidge as Susan Thomas, Lauren Cox as Gill and Chris Lowell as Alexander “L.” Monroe and others.

The film The Future Young Woman was screened for the first time on January 25, 2009 at the Sundance Film Festival, the largest independent film festival in the United States. The film was set to hit US theaters on December 25. So far, the drama has received a score of 71 out of 34 film and series reviews on the Metacritic site. The screenplay was written by Emerald Phenol himself. Emerald Phenell himself co-produced the film with Margo Robbie, Josie McNamara, Tom Acreli, Ben Browning and Ashley Fox. The film received a wide range of reviews, most of which were in the high and medium sections. Most of the critics who watched the film praised the acting of the cast, especially Carrie Mulligan, as well as the direction of Emerald Phenol. On the other hand, 215 critics of Raton Tomitoz, who watched this terrifying work, had different opinions about it and scored an overall score of 92% for it.

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Since Promising Young Woman has been in theaters across the United States for some time, reputable and popular international film and series review sites have published their reviews and ratings for the film. In the following, we will have an overview of the Promising Young Woman movie review from the perspective of world-renowned sites; But before that, you can also read the synopsis of this released film:

Everyone was saying that Casey (played by Kerry Mulligan) was a promising young woman … until a mysterious event suddenly caused her to distance herself from her future and deviate completely. But there is nothing in one’s life as it seems: he is viciously clever, utterly cunning and deceptive, and experiences a secret and double life. Now an unexpected encounter is supposed to give someone a chance to make up for past mistakes.

Carrie Mulligan removes her makeup in the movie promising young woman

Now let’s take a look at the reviews of Promising Young Woman:

Mike Lassell | San Francisco Chronicle

100 out of 100

Aside from the excellentness of the film, it can be said that phenol has entered a level that really expresses the moment we are in; Given that we are currently in a very ridiculous time when terrible and ridiculous things are happening. The nature of Promising Young Woman shows that its fictional world feels more real and closer to reality than close to comedy or drama.

Oh you. Oh you. داود | EV Club

83 out of 100

Throughout the film, phenol complicates the whole story. He plays with our minds by introducing someone’s tactics in unpleasant and evil ways; Even when he slowly reveals his motives to us.

Dan Maka | Movie Stage

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83 out of 100

Promising Young Woman is entertaining throughout the movie and will stay in your mind for a very, very long time.

Mali Freeman | Screen rent

80 out of 100

Promising Young Woman is a terrifying tale of revenge. With its story, this film shows us a new and irresponsible aspect of the aggression story; Something that is completely different from previous stories.

Kerry Mulligan reading a book in the movie Promising Young Woman

Brian Lowry | CNN

65 out of 100

The film The Future Young Woman combines a promising star with a storyline that is currently fascinating and creates a terrifyingly stimulating effect that may not satisfy everyone.

Janet Katzoulis | New York Times

50 out of 100

Promising Young Woman is a blend of the terrifying story of revenge, dark comedy, and feminist rhetoric. In some scenes, this work clearly deviates from its main focus and center.

Joe Morgenstern | Wall street Journal

40 out of 100

The narrative of this film is telegraphic and concise instead of dramatic. The goals of the story, like the items in a list, are only checked over time. On the other hand, the actors (except for Ms. Mulligan, of course) play mainly for the camera; It seems that they are not sure whether their emphasis on their actor is enough or not. The tone intended for this film is dark comedy, but the supporting actors are not skilled enough to perform this tone.

Finally, as a conclusion, Promising Young Woman has received scores that make it a very good, attractive and entertaining work; So if by reading the introduction of this post and the comments of critics, you feel that this work is in accordance with your taste, then we recommend you to watch it to you good users of Zomji.

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