Critique of the first season of the Aircraft Hostess series; An intriguing and unexpected comedy

The Flight Attendant series, although quietly released on HBO Max, became one of the most anticipated and sweet phenomena of television in 2020 with the brilliant performance of Kelly Cuoco. Follow Zomji and critique the first season of this comedy-drama series.

The Flight Attendant was released shortly before the fledgling HBO Max streaming service. Although this streaming service did not have a very strong start and we rarely saw the release of a remarkable original work from it, the Aircraft Host series was released a bit quietly. This comedy-drama series is an adaptation of the novel of the same name Chris Bohjalian It follows the story of Bauden, who is a flight attendant, and after meeting Alex Sokolov, one of the passengers on the plane encounters his body in his hotel room in Bangkok, and then he escapes from the crime scene and returns to New York. As he seeks to prove his innocence, he must find Alex’s killer, whose killer also seeks to find and kill someone. Now, in this review, we are going to see if The Flight Attendant series has become one of the most important and important original series on HBO Max, or it still needs this streaming service to find a strong star for itself.

Kelly Cuoco in a pink coat is reading a page in The Flight Attendant

Someone know In The Flight Attendant series, he creates an imaginary world in which only he and Alex’s fake version are present.

If we take a look at the synopsis of The Flight Attendant, it is definitely not something we have not seen before, and it is to be expected that someone, with the help of his friends and remembering his memories of the night of the incident, will find the killer and free himself. Incidentally, part of the storyline is dedicated to the same subject, but what makes this comedy series different from other comedy works? In addition to a crime comedy story, the series has also tried to present a social and dramatic work that focuses more on someone’s character. The character of someone knowing more than he is going to try to prove his innocence is an irresponsible and always drunk character who is always running away from it instead of facing his problems and mistakes. In fact, the series is going to show us very quickly what the main character is like and what we should expect from him. The series tries to show the character of someone and even other characters of the story as realistically as possible.

No one is a new character, but what makes it more attractive to us is that the person is full of mistakes and is not safe, and he is not supposed to see the result of every mistake and action and easily escape from it. Someone’s mistakes in The Flight Attendant series are not only going to hurt or affect him, but also hurt or affect those around him, and this has made him a tangible character that the series has done well. Present a relatively realistic character of it. The series has a different narrative in addition to the main narrative, and the person actually creates an imaginary world in which only he and Alex’s fictional version are present. This part of the series has helped a lot to improve the narrative and comedy of the series, and in fact, although the original Alex Sokolf has a short presence in the series, but the fake version becomes one of the important pillars and success of The Flight Attendant series. The fake version of Alex is actually a character that someone himself created to recall the memories of the night of the incident, and next to him, we are going to travel to the past and see the dark secrets of this character.

Kelly Cuoco plays someone at her friend's house in The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant series has complementary stories that ultimately relate to the main story

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The Flight Attendant series actually tries to solve the mystery of the murder and who or who is behind it, to address what has made someone an irresponsible and always drunk character and why after every mistake He tries to escape from it until he encounters the consequences. At first glance, the main puzzle and mystery may be the secret of Alex Sokolf’s murder, but being someone’s past secret is actually the key point of the story and makes someone’s character become a more complex and better character throughout the story and bring the viewer with him more. . In fact, The Flight Attendant has tried to add not only a comedic or criminal effect to the main narrative and the stories within the story, but also to add other aspects to the story, which has caused us not to see just a repetitive story. Become more attractive. Although the number of episodes or even their time may be a bit long and cause a lot of ups and downs throughout the story, but the sub-stories have caused this comedy series to go a bit out of linear and one-dimensional mode.

In fact, the narration of the series is divided into two parts in the main part, one of which is solving the murder mystery and the other showing the past of someone, as well as discovering related secrets, and we also see other stories that some may seem irrelevant at first, but In any case, they are ultimately related to the main story and are not a minor or unnecessary thing in the story, and this connection has made the story more attractive and the very good quality of the serial writing. However, in general, the ending of The Flight Attendant series could have performed much better and we could see a more complete and comprehensive ending, in addition to which the happy ending of the series did not match the whole, and maybe the creators of the series could have chosen a higher risk ending. But in the end, the end of this comedy series can satisfy a large part of its viewers and fans, but of course, it remains to be seen what will happen in the second season of the series. Of course, this would not have been possible without the brilliant play of Kelly Cuoco.

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Kelly Cuoco plays Bauden in Rome, Italy in The Flight Attendant

Much of the success of The Flight Attendant owes much to Kelly Cuoco’s brilliant and different role. Someone know To know

Kelly Cuoco’s brilliant acting has made the comedy and emotional part of the series much better portrayed, and she has practically been able to draw a line between the real world and the fictional one. In fact, Cuoco had a difficult task in portraying Bauden in different situations, and he was able to handle this role well and add even more things to it. Of course, Cuoco is not just about being a character, and he has even had a positive effect on other characters in the series, and this has led to better sub-stories during the events of the story, and the relationship and conversations of each character with someone is much better. To be depicted. Of course, Cuoco not only made the supporting characters better elements, and not only did most of the supporting actors perform well, but the creators of The Flight Attendant were able to use complementary characters in the series’ story well, and although perhaps complementary stories as well. It has made the characters more important, but it is a positive point that the creator of this series has not forgotten for most of the minutes that the sub-characters also have an important role in the events of the series and they should not be marginalized and used well.

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Of course, the role of the police in The Flight Attendant was not used a bit well in the series, and in fact, the absence of these characters does not make much of a difference in the story, and perhaps we could see a better presentation in this part. The Flight Attendant may have had major and minor issues, such as the relatively long minutes of each episode or the high number of episodes relative to the content of the story, along with numerous unnecessary scenes, or it could have offered a different ending, but this comedy series was one of the best Become the original 2020 series and the best HBO Max exclusive show that has been able to use comedy, drama and mystery elements well and also present a relatively different story and narrative. The main question, however, is whether there really is a reason to make the second season of The Flight Attendant? Only time can answer this question, but in any case, the first season of the Aircraft Hostess series is one of the works that can be introduced as one of the unexpected and sweet phenomena of television in 2020.

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