Dangerous Black Panther plots to defeat enemies in the King in Black comic

In the new episode of the King in Black comic book series, Black Panther presents a series of very dangerous ideas to its allies that can be used to defeat the god of symbiotes.

Warning: The continuation of this article may reveal parts of the story of part 2 of the King in Black comic book series.




It’s been a while since the King in Black event began in Marvel’s world and the god of the Sibiotes has reached planet Earth; In the same short time, this god of darkness has taken over the earth. As the dark god of the symbiots, Nal was able to spread his living darkness throughout the planet with very little effort and conquer it everywhere. While his symbiotic dragons are raining down on the earth, they turn all creatures and humans who are not very lucky into members of this terrible army; To serve this god of darkness. The situation is so bad and horrible that the few remaining heroes do not see many options.

Meanwhile, in Part 2 of the King in Black comic book series, one of Earth’s most powerful heroes proposes a series of things that even Galactus prefers to keep in chains and no one uses. In the previous news, it was mentioned what a terrible disaster befell Eddie Brock; In some of them, he had a moan and lost his symbiote and venom. Fortunately, he has friends who managed to escape the clutches of Nal and are currently safe. After delivering Eddie, Peter Parker went to Dylan to take him to the other heroes and see if anyone else had made any progress.

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Black Panther is talking to Mr. Amazing and Blade

The situation is such that no one can offer a useful opinion, and even T-Chala, who is usually calm and wise, has gradually begun to make a series of really disappointing suggestions. When Blade was arguing verbally with Xavier and Magnito, he asked them to open the borders of Krakow and help other parts of the world; Of course, to the same parts of the world that remain. Black Panther, meanwhile, reminded Reid that he had all the resources of Wakanda and that he could ask for anything he wanted; Of course, these resources do not seem to be enough to deal with a very powerful enemy such as Nal.

Meanwhile, T. Chala wondered if they could return the Infinite Gems, the Cosmic Cube, or the Ultimate Nullifier, and use them in the battle against Null; This surprised Blade a lot. But given all the damage and problems that Null has caused the planet Earth, it does not seem strange to use these incredibly powerful objects. While it is possible that Ultimate Nullifier can help heroes, the best map may not be available. This is the only thing that Galactus is afraid of. Ultimate Nullifier has the ability to destroy all worlds in an instant.

Black panther with infinite iron gloves

Of course, it should also be noted that at present, this powerful object is not exactly on planet Earth. Although in the Marvel universe, cosmic cubes are usually more usable than anything else, they are still not something that is readily available and can be used in the battle against null. There are currently only a few pieces on the ground that may be available. Therefore, at this point on the earth, it seems impossible to reach them. Infinite gems, on the other hand, can certainly change the situation in this great battle to a great extent, but they are very dangerous and very difficult to obtain.

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All of these are very tough and dangerous options, but certainly pointing out and using them is not without merit and can be of great benefit to the heroes. Black Panther in the past and the Secret Wars event by Jonathan Hickman and Isad Reebok have been able to successfully capture and use infinite gems and infinite iron gloves. Therefore, it cannot be said that he does not know the intensity of the story and what he suggested to use. He is one of the most intelligent and experienced members of the Avengers team, and it goes without saying that he leads one of the most advanced lands in the world; So his point of view is much better and more logical than what others think. T-Chala has seen a lot of dangerous and very big things over the years. With this in mind, we can further comprehend how dangerous and frightening the moan is; How frustrated and desperate the heroes are at this point in time.

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