DC Comics has introduced new superman characters for the Death Metal event

DC Comics recently introduced new superman characters to take part in the final battle of the Death Metal comic event; More details have now been released.

As the Dark Nights: Death Metal storyline is set to end in the near future, DC has introduced a series of new characters to its great Multiverse through a one-part comic to take part in the final battle of the event. . This one-part comic is called Dark Nights: Death Metal the Last 52: War of the Multiverses. Since the comic is now available, its author, Magdalen Visaggio, posted a picture on his Twitter account to introduce the characters in the comic; Characters who are present but no story of their past is presented.

Visagio wrote the story of First & Last Men, illustrated by Paul Plutter; A story that pits a large number of superman characters close to him against a series of completely new evil characters to fight with each other. The main characters of this story also came from a distant future in the DC world. “Well done,” Vesaggio tweeted. Stories were written about the past of these friends and were to be published in one of the books of the Death Metal event, and I’m not sure now if that happened. So let me keep you posted.

These characters are Sint (in a blue suit), Shepard (in a long coat), Savior or the savior (in armor), and finally Last Sun or the Last Sun. Saint, Shepard and Severus belong to the year 14000 and are considered the ancient chiefs of the L family. The year 14000 is the future in which Superman has lost control of his legacy and the meaning of his name. In this version of the future, the letter S no longer means hope at all; Rather, it shows brutal power and domination. They are all children and grandchildren of Superman born to Connor or John (Shepard is the son of Connor and Severus is the son of John, who are both very similar in appearance and strength).

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Superman-like comic characters: Sint, Severus, Shepard, and Last Sun.

My magma is also present; He is the last Sun or Clark Kent himself. The Last Sun or Last Sun is what I call the “Captive Superman”; A Superman who has lost his will because of his children because they want to use him as a weapon: he is a living atomic bomb, and being charged with solar energy has completely changed his body. I wanted to present the worst case scenario for Superman: a scenario in which his greatest strength, his goodness, is taken from him; When he can do “nothing” to save himself and those he loves.

Clark is still in that body but is a prisoner; This is while Sint makes all the decisions. The ancient Al dynasty did not rule the earth but worked to turn it into hell. They jealously guard their cryptonic blood and make sure that this race, which for thousands of years created little nobles with godly powers, is safe. Among the three seniors is Prince Sint, who represents the Kryptonite ideal; Someone who has a lot to do with Eradicator. Cruel, cold-blooded and intimate. Shepard has been designed as an anti-hero since the 1990s; Wild, lawless and impudent.

Savior does not fully represent crude and filtered power; “This character has armor that enhances his abilities. … They are all in the spotlight now.” Visagio further tweeted that if he could not write a story about Superman again, one storyline would be enough to make him proud of himself as a writer. The one-part comic book Dark Nights: Death Metal the Last 52: War of the Multiverses is now available; Meanwhile, part 7 of the Dark Nights: Death Metal comic book series will go on sale on January 5, 2021.

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