DC revealed the roots of Clown Hunter in the Batman comic book series

When Clown Hunter thought about the framework and ethical issues of his deadly revenge in the new episode of the annual Batman edition, he remembered his first meeting with the Joker and Batman.

Warning: Continuation of this article may reveal parts of the story of part 5 of the annual edition of the Batman comic book series.




One of the deadliest and deadliest figures to appear in Gotham City over the past few months is the character of Clown Hunter. He is an anti-hero who has a grudge against the Joker and all those who associate with him; Some easily use deadly force to keep their neighborhood safe. For those unfamiliar with this character, it can be said that Clown Hunter appeared for the first time in the Joker War event. During the same incident, it was revealed that he is a teenage boy named Behnam Bao Pham. At the same time, Batman warned the boy to give up his deadly battles.

As Bao stubbornly continued his work and spread his vengeance on the outskirts of the city, his secret past and exactly why he hated the Joker so much became apparent in episode 5 of the annual Batman comic book series. Dr. Claire Hunter visited him because he was injured in a fight last night; The clash probably took place between Bao and the Joker teammates. Bao explained that in the past, his family ran a Vietnamese restaurant; Where many years ago, the criminal couple of the DC world, namely the Joker and Harley Quinn, went there for their strange appointment.

The Joker character in the Vietnamese restaurant of Klaun Hunter's parents

After the restaurant officials were forced to give the couple a romantic dinner, the Joker decided to give a bonus to family members. The Joker’s reward was that he used his own poison in this restaurant to kill the boy’s parents; While Bao himself was holding his breath and watching the whole thing with horror. After this incident, Batman went to visit the boy privately to express his condolences for the loss of his parents. The cloaked fighter went so far as to say that his own parents were killed right in front of his eyes. During the meeting, he vowed to stop the Joker so that he could no longer pose a threat to others.

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Then Batman gave Bao one of his colored idols before he left. History has shown that among all the promises Batman has made and the enemies he has, the Joker is still just as deadly and nothing has been resolved over time; It could even be said that he has become more dangerous than before with what he showed in the Joker War event. When the rented building where Bao lived was hit in another attack by Sam Joker, he was very disappointed. In the same way, he decided to take control of things himself. In the first attempt, he plunged the colored idol into a baseball bat to use as a weapon.

Then he immediately started his fight against crime; In a way that Batman could never do that. From the beginning, he decided to kill every single Joker who came his way. Bao hoped to do so one day to capture the Joker and Harley. Bao was able to turn Gotham City into one of the safest neighborhoods in the city because of the same one-man war on crime and the Joker War. By doing so, Clown Hunter was able to show himself more than ever and make a name for himself; Even after the clashes, Batman visited him.

Clown Hunter's character is fighting the Joker

Clown Hunter recently left the suburbs to hunt down Harley Quinn for his role in the death of his parents. With the help of Ghost Maker, he was able to fight and defeat Harley Quinn. Although Harley did not remember his previous meeting with Bao at all, he still apologized and swore that he was trying to survive. By saying the same thing, Harley was able to convince Bao to stop killing him and give him another chance. With Clown Hunter surprisingly forgiving of Harley Quinn and confessing things to Leslie Tompkins, one can hope that one day Bao Pham will become a trusted ally of the Batman family.

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Of course, instead of becoming a ruthless serial killer who tries to start this kind of guerrilla warfare; Something that Batman is doing his best to destroy. Bao still has a long way to go, and it has just been revealed how much pain and anger he has in his heart for the Joker and his activities. But the fact that he tends to express his inner workings and throw everything out, shows that perhaps in this way this suffering can be alleviated. The boy behind Gotham’s latest anti-hero figure has just been fully introduced, and the Dark Knight is likely to pull him out of trouble.

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