Discover a Roman grocery store in the ruins of Pompeii

Archaeologists have recently discovered an astonishing discovery in the ruins of Pompeii. Pompeii is one of the few ancient cities of the Roman Empire that was completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 79 AD. Pompeii, which was a thriving commercial center in Roman times, went to the ashes with all its splendor under the mighty eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

In time, even the locals forgot the tragedy of Vesuvius, and while much of Pompeii and his glory were mentioned in historical documents, it was completely forgotten for more than seventeen centuries. However, again in the 18th century, during the construction of Charles III, King of Bourbon, it was accidentally discovered that an untouched city from ancient Rome was suddenly pulled out from under thousands of tons of ashes.

Since then, Pompeii has always been the site of archaeological discoveries, and at least a few important discoveries are made in the valley each year. The latest discovery in the ruins of this ancient city is a hot food or thermopolium, which was announced yesterday by the officials of the Italian Department of Ancient Drilling. Pictures of various animals are painted on this ancient deli, where hot food and various drinks were served to passers-by. Despite the fact that thousands of years have passed since the painting was painted, its colors still remain strong.

An intact thermopole This is the first time archaeologists have discovered an intact thermopole in this way.

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Also, bone remains of ducks, pigs, goats, fish and snails have been found in this ancient counter. In addition to animal motifs that appeared to be the ingredients for Roman delicacies, there were also motifs of a mythical woman, a dog, several jars, and an icon of a man. Inside the counter counters, there is also a bronze bowl and a special ceramic cup for cooking soups and stews, a wine cup and an earthenware jar.

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A recent discovery took place at the Rajiv Panj Archaeological Park. This is an ancient site in Pompeii that is still not accessible to the general public. Massimo Osana, The director of archeology at the Great Pompeii Project, officially announced the discovery. He described the discovery as “extraordinary” and said it was the first time archaeologists had discovered the entire thermopole.

Valeria AmortiThe Pompeii-based anthropologist also said the paintings on the counter walls formed at least part of the food and beverages on display at the ancient deli. Amorti added that 2,000-year-old dishes contain the remains of pork, fish, snails and beef, which indicates the great variety of animal products in the diet of the people of the region.

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