Dissatisfaction of some Facebook employees with the advertising campaign against Apple’s privacy capabilities

The relationship between Apple and Facebook is very complicated and sometimes accompanied by hatred, anger and enmity. The two companies are somehow considered bloody enemies of each other and will not hesitate to try to hit each other. For some time now, the conflict between them has become more serious than ever because of a feature called ATT.

Facebook’s objection has to do with the fact that next year iOS will force apps to ask the user for permission to deliver targeted ads, and most users are expected to refuse. This means that programs cannot easily offer personal ads; As a result, Facebook has published full-page announcements in newspapers and in-app ads and other campaigns against Apple’s privacy policy. It is now clear that some of Facebook employees themselves are surprised by the media attacks on Apple.

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Facebook said in a statement that Apple’s privacy policies would be destructive to small businesses, and that businesses could increase the cost of subscriptions to compensate for the damage done to their business, and that the Internet would eventually become an expensive place; But these statements also have critics.

for example, Electronic Privacy Foundation (EFF) Facebook has called Apple’s crackdown on counterintelligence a hilarious campaign. The EFF says this is in fact an action against small businesses that Facebook focuses on and claims it intends to support; Because most of the targeted advertising revenue is paid by brokers and big companies like Facebook and do not allow small companies to show off.

Now, following criticism of Facebook’s attacks on Apple, it has become clear that in an internal conversation centered on the anti-Apple campaign, Facebook employees have asked questions about the possible consequences of these attacks, and some Facebook employees have reportedly behaved against Apple and privacy laws. Do not accept private. Hence, one of Facebook’s engineers in an internal post to Danny Levy, Says the head of Facebook’s advertising department:

It feels like we are trying to justify a wrongdoing by hiding behind individuals and companies with a compassionate message. We are not worried that positions on supporting small and medium-sized businesses will backfire; Because people see it as a way to protect their business?

Another Facebook employee said in a note that Facebook’s current efforts could hurt the company’s public relations; Because people care about privacy capabilities, the company’s efforts against it are viewed negatively. Another employee points out how social media giants can pick out a message that he seems to have helped himself with. Graham Mood“Responding to questions from employees,” says Facebook’s chief marketing officer.

The effects of Apple’s privacy features, including in key areas of our company [فیسبوک] It was quite clear and we are not trying Hide it. You know that we are a profitable and large company and we want our products to keep pace with this capacity and benefit from it; But those who are going to be affected are small businesses; For this reason, we addressed them in the message.

In addition, some Facebook employees say that social media giants should have chosen more transparency and, consequently, encouraged users to choose a tracking option for targeted ads. “Facebook’s vice president of marketing says:

Apple Marketing is working to convince users to sacrifice us so they can make decisions about how the Internet works; Even beyond the devices they produce. I am optimistic that I am working in the field of technology; Because I think technology can be a lever to democratize access and create jobs. If you think this will stop with personal advertising, I would disagree.

Facebook collects data from many users with the help of its programs; Therefore, Apple’s new privacy tags will have a significant impact on reducing Facebook revenue. The company estimates that 60 percent of its revenue will fall due to the changes. The tech giant Cupertino was set to implement ATT capability in its operating system by the end of 2020; But it delayed its release until early 2021 to give developers more time to make the necessary changes.

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