Doodle 30 Azar 99 Google for Sudan The last northern white male rhino

The latest Google Doodle search engine (Google Doodle), which belongs to today (Sunday, December 21, 2016) Sudan, The last survivor of the northern white male rhino, pays homage. Sudan was referred to as the “kind giant”.

Google’s new Doodle points to the same day in 2009; Where Sudan and three other northern white rhinos move into a new home in a protected area ا پل پِژتا the door Kenya They arrived. Captured in 1975, Sudan is said to be the last northern white rhino to enter the world in the wild.

A year later, Sudan went to the zoo دوور کرالووه the door Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic Current) was taken. Dover Crawlow is the only zoo in the world where white rhinos are born without any problems. At the Dover Kralove Zoo, Sudan became the father of three rhinos and the grandfather of one rhino.

Google Doodle for Sudan Northern White Rhinoceros

In 2009, authorities announced that the northern white rhino was extinct, and for that reason, the four rhinos in question were returned to the El Pegeta Protected Area in 2009. Officials had hoped that the space provided by the El Pegeta area would provide a breeding ground for rhinos, but efforts were unsuccessful.

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Sudan spent the last years of his life with his daughter and granddaughter ناجین And فاتو They passed away and then in 2018, at the age of 45, he was stabbed (killed out of pity). Despite Sudan’s death, scientists hope to save his subspecies using in vitro fertilization techniques. At present, Najin and Fato are the last northern white rhinos in the world.

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Google In special events such as birthdays and anniversaries and the like, the logo changes its home page. Modified and temporary Google logos with the name Doodle Are known.

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