Epic Games ironic gift to influencers to criticize Apple policies

If you’ve been following the news, you know for a fact that the relationship between Apple and Fortnite, the creator of Fortnite, has been strained for some time, and both intend to accuse each other of monopoly and illegal behavior. Since Fortnite was removed from the App Store in August 2020, Epic Games intends to criticize Apple’s behavior through special contests and campaigns. In its latest move, Epic Games has given some influencers a free embroidered jacket with Free Fortnite and a Galaxy Tab S7 tablet to once again criticize the removal of Fortnite from the media.

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Epic Games’s gift to influencers is actually a $ 160 Alpha Industries MA-1 jacket with a logo on the front and back. Lama In the form of a rainbow (taken from the original and old Apple logo) and the text Free Fortnite means “release of Fortnite game in the App Store”. In addition, the gift is packaged in white boxes that are very similar to the boxes of Apple products. The text of Epic Games for Influencers is as follows:

Fortnite was selected as the best game in the Samsung Galaxy Store in 2020. At this celebration, we partnered with Samsung to send you special gifts based on the FreeFortnite campaign. Although Fortnite may not be available in the App Store or Google Play Store right now, you can still download and run the latest Fortnite updates directly from the Epic Games app on the Galaxy Store.

Recently, in another attempt to criticize and boycott Apple, Epic Games presented Fortnite players with Android devices and Windows PCs as a reward. The two companies are currently embroiled in legal disputes in the United States after Epic Games accused Apple of removing the popular Fortnite game from the App Store, and the first trial is expected to take place in July 2021 (July 2021). It is expected that the judge will not be satisfied with Games’s arguments; But it has recently been revealed that Apple CEO, Tim Cook And Vice President of Software Engineering of the company, Craig Federighi, Must appear in court to testify about the App Store rules.

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In August, Epic Games accused Fortnight of anti-competitive behavior after removing Fortnite from the App Store in a pre-planned lawsuit and press campaign against Apple. ; Because it forces developers to pay a commission for every sale made in the App Store and its in-app purchasing systems. Finally, in October, a U.S. district attorney refused to return Fortnite to the Appestore store and issued a ruling barring Apple from taking action against the Unreal Engine.

What do you think about the Epic Games gift to influencers and the dispute with Apple?

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