Facebook released its second statement in a verbal dispute with Apple

Last Wednesday, Facebook published ads in major US newspapers about Apple’s privacy capabilities. In the company’s advertisements, the social media introduces itself as a small business champion, and by focusing on small businesses, it intends to portray them as victims who have apparently been involved in a war between the giants.

Continuing to defend small businesses, the social media giant has published another full-page ad in the media, claiming that Apple is trying to change the Internet in the wrong way; Because preventing ad tracking in iOS 14 hurts small businesses.

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Facebook’s objection has to do with the fact that next year iOS will force apps to ask the user for permission to submit ads, and most users are expected to refuse. This means that programs can not easily advertise personal ads. It should be noted that ads that reflect the interests of the user generate more revenue for program developers compared to public ads.

Facebook collects data from many users with the help of its programs; Therefore, Apple’s new privacy tags will have a significant impact on reducing Facebook revenue. Facebook predicts that 60% of its revenue will be reduced due to the changes. Apple also reacted to Facebook ads and somehow doubled Facebook’s anger with this statement. Apple says:

Companies like Facebook welcome continued user tracking; Provided that these users also help them in this regard. We believe this simplification is for our users. Users need to know when their data is being collected and shared on other apps and websites, and they should have a choice. Transparency App Tracking in iOS 14 does not require a change in Facebook’s approach to tracking users and creating targeted ads; Because these features make it easy for users to choose.

Facebook says in a second statement that Apple will harm small businesses with App Store rules. The second announcement and all of Facebook’s highlights are as follows:

Apple plans to release software that will change the Internet with a mandatory update. Use your favorite cooking websites or sports blogs, which are often free; Because they show ads. Changes Apple limits companies’ ability to run personal ads; Hence, they are for Living expenses should increase the cost of subscriptions or in-app purchases. This makes the Internet very expensive and reduces the quality of free content. More By damaging apps and websites, many small business communities say this change will be devastating for them as well, and this is at a time when they are facing a lot of problems.

According to a new Deloitte study, approximately 44% of small and medium-sized businesses started or increased their personal ads on social media during the coronavirus epidemic. Our data show that without personalized advertising, the average small business advertising would fall by more than 60 percent for every dollar spent on revenue. Limiting the use of personal advertising to larger companies like ours [فیسبوک] Affect; But these changes will be devastating for small businesses and add to the many issues they now face. Small businesses deserve attention, and we listen to your concerns and stand by you.

The social media giant has announced that it will not use Apple’s IDFA system, and at the moment it is not clear whether Facebook will actually run this new ad; But we will probably find out soon. The changes that Facebook is pointing to are new App Store privacy tags and a new feature in iOS 14 that prevents apps from being tracked across the web without users’ permission.

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What do you, the Zomit users, think of Facebook and Apple’s verbal dispute over controversial privacy capabilities?

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