Get bubbles to run opera with Google Blob Opera

Sub-branch Art and culture Google with an artist by name David Lee, Has launched a new experimental project that is very fun and allows you to control four bubbles that can sing in the style of opera and have fun for a few minutes.

In the Google Blob Opera project, you have four bubbles, each of which has a specific sound (bass, down, etc.) and you can force them to run opera by moving the mouse. It is also possible to change the volume and how they are performed by moving the mouse up and down or forward and backward.

Bubbles are synchronized using machine learning technology, and you can record them if you like them. You can also share the recorded performance on social media. “This experiment explores and explores the main instrument of music, the sound,” Google said in a statement last Tuesday.

The sound of the bubbles seems to be modeled on real opera singers; But the sound that comes out of their mouths relies on machine learning. If you can not get the bubbles to play the music the way you want, you can enable the option on the left side of the screen to watch them play music. It is also possible to add Christmas hats to the bubbles.

The Google Blob Opera project is now available.

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