Google deletes user accounts that have been inactive for two years

Google has provided various services for those who are interested in creating an account in which it is completely free, and in fact users can create an account in Google services such as Gmail, Docs and Google Photos and use some of their features without paying.

However, the possibility of creating free accounts has created a situation where countless inactive accounts now occupy space on Google’s servers. In this regard, Google executives have changed some of the executive policies of their services and intend to delete inactive accounts.

Occupying space on Google servers is not limited to the amount of account information. In fact, Google allocates a certain amount of cloud memory for each user account so that the user can save the files they want.

Deleting inactive user accounts allows Google to use occupied space and reduce existing costs. Google’s new policies will take effect on June 1, 2021, and from June 1, 2023, all accounts that have been completely inactive during this period will be automatically removed from various Google services.

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Google executives have explained that if a user does not want to delete their information, they must use their account through applications or browsers to remove artificial intelligence from the list of inactive accounts. It should be noted that users of Google One services who pay a monthly subscription fee or users of Google Workspace services will not be subject to the new policies.

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