Google lowers HDR mode to smartphones

In early 2020, Google introduced a summary version of the Google Camera app for the Android Go operating system that provided some of the basic features of the original version to budget phone users. The app, called Camera Go, has received several updates over time, each with features similar to the features of the original version of the Google Camera app.

In October, an update was released for the Android Go operating system, which added the Night Mode feature to the Camera Go app to be able to capture much better quality images in low light environments. Now it seems that it is time for the HDR feature so that users of products based on the Android Go operating system can use it as well.

This feature will not be available on all Android Go-based products, and only a few can offer users HDR mode. Among the smartphones that are expected to receive the new update are Nokia 1.3, Wiko Y61 and Wiko Y81.

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HDR mode helps you capture images with much better detail and richer colors, and ambient light has a less damaging effect on the final quality of images captured in HDR mode. It is said that it is possible to install new updates of the Camera Go application on all devices based on Android Go; However, depending on the hardware specifications of the device, features such as HDR mode or night mode may be disabled.

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