Google officially supports the installation of Chrome OS on Windows computers

Over the past five years, Neverware With software CloudReady allowed schools to convert older Windows and Mac computers to Chromebooks. The good thing about this software was that it extended the life of older computers.

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It was revealed this week that Google has purchased Neverware and plans to make the CloudReady app the official part of Chrome OS. Google will continue to support CloudReady in the future and there will be no change in support for this software. It is also clear that the CloudReady business will continue as before.

The Home version of the software remains unchanged, and Neverware will continue to support training and business centers. There are currently no plans to change the price of this service, and Google validates its multi-year licenses.

This Google purchase seems like a logical move, and CloudReady users welcome it. Until now, perhaps the only downside to this app was the lack of Google support, and its users could not install Android apps on their system. With this purchase, CloudReady users can also access Android applications.

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