Google: Search engine redesign hurts businesses

Recently, prosecutors in 38 US states accused Google of monopolizing the search engine. The prosecution has formed a coalition to file a lawsuit focusing on redesigning Google’s search engine. Google has now issued a statement on its website, reacting to the recent accusation, stating that the company’s search engine has improved in terms of user feedback and is not intended to harm competitors.

Google said about the recent design of its search engine, including direct links to businesses and other products of the company, Google’s detailed tests have shown that users expect such accurate results from the search engine. Google also referred to Bing’s design, claiming that Microsoft had received such feedback from its users.

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Of course, the main point of the recent statement is Google’s reaction to the recent lawsuit and the company’s argument that small and medium-sized businesses are harmed by the redesign of the search engine. The Google website states:

Redesigning Google’s search engine affects the quality of a user’s search results, to the detriment of businesses such as retailers, restaurants, repair shops, airlines, and hotels. Showing such businesses in the Google search engine results list helps to discover them and communicate directly with customers.

The search engine giant further claimed to prove the evidence and information of the recent statements of this company. According to Google, the company communicates more than four billion times a month with businesses directly, and since the search engine went online, the amount of traffic to non-Google websites has increased every year. Also, previously ten links were displayed on the search results page, but now an average of 26 external links are displayed on the mobile.

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A recent statement from the search engine giant said:

We are aware of the importance of close monitoring of large corporations and are prepared to answer questions and address such issues; But the recent lawsuit seeks to redesign the search engine in ways that deprive Americans of useful information and impair the ability of businesses to communicate directly with customers.

A recent lawsuit was filed against Google last week, and this is the third time since the beginning of this year that an anti-monopoly lawsuit has been filed against the company. The Texas Attorney General and the Department of Justice have also accused Google of monopolistic behavior, and the company is involved in separate lawsuits.

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