happy Yalda! Exceptionally, be with your family this year without keeping away from computers and mobile phones

Yalda night is one of CelebrationAncient Iranians. In this celebration, Iranians celebrate the passage of the longest night of the year and the consequent lengthening of the days in the Northern Hemisphere, which coincides with the Winter Revolution. Yalda Night Celebration It has been held among Iranians since seventy thousand years ago. At that time, our ancestors accessed the census and found that the first night of winter was the longest night of the year.

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At Zummit on Christmas Eve every year, we would tell you to spend a night together with your family, away from cell phones, electronic gadgets, computers, and the world of technology; Rather, this temporary forgetfulness makes us realize more the value of our carefree and simple presence with family and loved ones. With all that has happened in the last ten months and what the Corona virus has brought to our country, perhaps this year on Yalda night we should once again mean squatting by putting aside periods.

This time, let us honor Yalda by staying at home and using technology in a different way, in honor of all those who have stood in the forefront of the fight against Corona to protect our lives, and to prolong our pleasures with our family and loved ones.

We have decided not to update the site tonight as I did in previous years; So from now on, we will not publish a post until tomorrow.

happy Yalda! Let’s be together with technology tonight

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