How does Netflix use artificial intelligence to market proprietary content?

Netflix, the streaming industry giant, has produced hundreds of dedicated TV series this year and in previous years. Most analysts believe that Netflix makes smarter TV marketing decisions. The streaming activist has previously said that he uses artificial intelligence to display content to his users; However, some time ago, in a special report, he better explained how to use artificial intelligence.

Netflix says it uses artificial intelligence to market serials and predict their success; A success that even the usual statistics of the box office and Nielsen company can not achieve. Apparently, how AI works on the Netflix platform is to find connections between works and determine the potential audience for each series or movie. The method used by Netflix relies on a technique called Transfer Learning Is.

The transfer learning technique is a research problem based on machine learning (Machine Learning) and focuses on storing the information obtained when solving a problem and applying that information to a different problem, but related to the main problem. To better understand this definition, it is better to give an example. In the transfer learning technique, we can use the information obtained when learning how to detect vehicles in the truck detection process.

Netflix says that in the transfer learning technique, parameters learned from resource tasks improve the performance of each of the target tasks. At Netflix, the source questions are simple: What series are comparable to Netflix-specific series, and how many viewers can the service expect for each?

For a thematic comparison, Netflix builds what it calls a “homogeneity map.” In this particular method, AI uses metadata and tags and summaries of each series or movie in order to find connections between them and other series or movies. Thanks to this special algorithm, marketers understand in which genres movies and series fall.

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In order to predict the number of viewers, Netflix platform has a special artificial intelligence model that compares the number of viewers of a particular movie or series in a country. If a work in the drama genre is welcomed in a country like Spain, Netflix will probably not only increase marketing of drama series and movies in Spain; Rather, dubbing or subtitling makes them available faster than its original programs.

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Netflix says its AI-based platforms rely on Self-Supervised Learning, which allows them to access a wide range of movies and series. If these platforms were limited to Netflix-specific information, they would definitely have access to fewer movies and series.

If you prefer a humanistic approach, the platforms designed by Netflix may not be very exciting to you. Still, artificial intelligence makes it easier for Netflix to increase its viewing of its own series.

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