How the AirPad Max manages battery charging

After a long wait, Apple has finally unveiled the first earphone, the Apple AirPods Max; Controversial headphones, not only did the price tag surprise users, but there were a number of ambiguities about how to manage their energy.

In a press release on the AirPad Max, Apple mentioned its battery consumption; But this has led some users to misunderstand what Apple has to say. To address this ambiguity, Apple has recently updated its website support page to clarify the charging of the AirPad Max.

When Apple unveiled its first headset, it said that when “the AirPad Max fits snugly into the slim smart case, it goes into ultra-low-power mode and retains its charge.” However, it is not clear what happens to the battery when the headphones are not on the ear and do not fit inside the case.

Media ورج An expert review of the AirPad Max found that when these headphones are out of their smart case overnight, only a few percent of their battery charge is reduced, and this battery drop is not so much to worry about. Of course, not all experts had the same experience; Marquez Brunley Nicknamed the MKBHD, he found that the AirPad Max’s battery dropped more when not placed in the case than Verge had observed.

According to Apple, when you remove the AirPad Max from the ear and “release it in static mode” for five minutes, these headphones enter the “low-power mode”. If the headphones remain in the same condition for 72 hours, it enters a “less consuming” state, which is turned off by Bluetooth and features such as the location system. Find My is included. Apple says this is similar to a situation where the headphones are practically off.

Surprisingly, contrary to initial expectations, the smart case does not immediately put the headphones into ultra-low-power mode. Keep in mind that placing the AirPad Max inside the case will put these headphones in the first low-power mode immediately. After 18 hours, the AirPad Max enters the ultra-low-power mode (Bluetooth off and Find My).

When introducing the AirPad Max, Apple did not say that you need to wait 18 hours for these headphones to enter the ultra-low-consumption mode when using the case. It’s a strange fact that with the smart case, it takes 18 hours for the AirPad Max to go into ultra-low-power mode. As it turns out, Apple prefers to quickly connect headphones to destination devices rather than turn them off as soon as they enter the smart case.

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The big question that remains is, what happens to the battery if you take the headphones off your ear but put them around your neck? In this case, the headphones do not stand still and we guess it continues to operate and consumes battery. Maybe Apple can change the behavior of the headphones by updating the firmware; However, for now, what we have said is how the AirPad Max consumes energy.

According to Apple, the AirPad Max plays music for up to 20 hours when Active Noise Cancellation and Spatial Audio are on, and plugs in for up to 1 hour and a half if connected to a charger for five minutes. he does. Also, a notification appears on the iPhone or iPad when the headphone charge is low.

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