How was Google able to train AI for Portrait Light in pixels?

Google’s Portrait Light feature, used in the Google Pixel series phones, can make some of your regular images much more eye-catching. This feature is the result of advanced AI and helps you change the direction and intensity of ambient lighting to your liking.

Portrait Light first became available in September 2020 (September and October 2016) for the 4a 5G and Pixel 5 handsets, and was later released for older Pixels. A few days ago, Google published a new post on its AI blog, describing the technologies needed to achieve Portrait Light. One of Google’s tasks was to teach Portrait Light machine learning models using a special approach.

Google needed millions of portraits with and without additional lighting to teach each of the machine learning models in order to make it possible to change the direction of ambient light. For this purpose, Google has a spherical structure Produced that was equipped with lights. Google says the spherical structure uses 64 cameras with 331 LED lights, each of which is individually programmable. Using such a complex and advanced structure, Google can capture the desired image of the subject.

After designing the spherical structure, Google started photographing 70 people with different skin colors, facial expressions, gender, hairstyles and even different clothes and accessories. Each time Google turned on one of the lights inside the spherical structure, it took several pictures. He also trained a special machine learning model that could determine the best lighting profile for automatic light replacement. If you are interested in reading technical details about Google Spherical Structure, you can The company’s press release Read.

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Spherical structure of Google / Google to teach artificial intelligence Portrait Light of pixel phones

On Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, ‌ Camera automatically by default Applies Portrait Light. Portrait Light is also applied to images captured through Night Sight mode, which include humans.

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In older pixels, you can go to the Adjust section when editing human images and enable the Portrait Light option. If you want to manually change the position and intensity of the light in the photo, you must take the photo using Portrait Mode and edit it through the Google Photos application.

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