Ilan Mask has gone as far as selling Tesla to Apple at a low price

For some time now, rumors of Apple’s self-driving car have been hotter than ever, as if the Cupertino tech giant Titan project has suddenly revived and become the big news of the automotive industry these days. Yesterday, it was announced that Apple would launch its first physical vehicle in 2024; Important news that led to the rise in value of Apple shares and the fall of Tesla shares. Following the news, Ilan Musk (CEO of Tesla) announced on Twitter that at one point he wanted to sell Tesla to Apple for a small fee.

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Yesterday, Ilan Musk announced that in the darkest days of the Tesla Model 3 development, he had contacted Apple and Tim Cook (Apple CEO) to offer Tesla to the tech giant Cupertino for the eleventh price of its current value; But in the end, Tim Cook withdrew from the meeting for possible talks.

According to Reuters, Apple plans to launch a self-driving car in 2024 with the so-called next-level battery technology. The battery is based on a “single-cell” design, allowing engineers to assemble single cells into one battery and free up closed, unusable space in the battery. This design means more active materials that can travel longer distances. Apple is also said to be developing a new chemical compound for use in batteries called lithium iron phosphate (LFP), which is safer and less likely to heat up.

In a separate tweet about Apple Car, Ilan Musk noted that the information released would be far-fetched and strange if it were true; Because single cell design is electrochemically impossible. Mask tweets are as follows:

If the information is correct, it would be strange. Tesla has long used iron phosphate for medium-range cars built at the Shanghai plant; But single-cell design is electrochemically impossible; Because the maximum voltage factor of 100 (100X) will be too low. They may mean interconnected cells; Like packing the structural batteries we make.

Apple is said to have once offered $ 240 per share to buy Tesla in 2013; But according to recent statements by Ilan Musk, this figure may not be accurate. Apple and Tesla have been at loggerheads since the Cupertino tech giant began working on the Apple Car project, and each other is being hunted by skilled forces. In 2015, Musk announced that he called Apple “Tesla Cemetery” and ironically said that employees who did not succeed at Tesla would be hired by Apple.

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According to reports, the Cupertinos intend to target the mass market with the introduction of the Apple Car, and it is said that their policy in this industry will be similar to that of Tesla. With this in mind, it can be speculated that in the not-too-distant future, the two companies will be in direct competition with each other, and will start a fierce competition in the automotive industry and will help advance this emerging industry.

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