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Today, the migration fever is already raging in Iran; Unfortunately, there is no clear view among Iranians about emigrating and settling in foreign countries; Which country should we choose to immigrate to? How to migrate? How do we achieve that ideal and peaceful future that is in our minds?

The answer to this question is very broad and depends on both the applicant’s circumstances and the immigration destination. In general, many parameters must be considered for migration; Including the climate of that country, the level of welfare, the education system, the unemployment rate, the level of security, life expectancy, etc., all of which must be scientifically and from reliable sources examined in order to reach the right result; Not just from the experience of a series of people or, as the saying goes, the words of a few people. This article was presented by Malekpour Law Firm (MIE Austria) for clarification and a clear picture, and we compare the conditions of immigration to Canada and Turkey, which are the destination of many Iranians for immigration.

Buy a house in Turkey

Turkey is a country whose indicators and statistics show that its economic situation is not good. An Eurasian country located at a strategic point in the world geography; But it does not have attractive components and parameters for migration. There are different ways to immigrate and settle in this country, the best of which are “Buy a house in Turkey” Is.

These immigration methods include work, education, investing, marriage and asylum, which is the purchase of property under the investment method. Unemployment is high in Turkey and it is difficult for foreign nationals to find work, and the option of migrating to work is not suitable for this country.

The ranking of the universities of this country in the international arena is not so high and you can continue your education in more developed countries with a brighter future than Turkey with much lower costs. In terms of investment, economic indicators show the economic instability of this country, and like Iran these days, the dollar exchange rate is experiencing strong shocks. Asylum is also a very high-risk method that is not recommended not only to Turkey but to any country.

Now, you may ask, how can buying a property in Turkey be a good option? In this regard, it should be said that with 250 thousand US dollars, you can buy real estate in this country and get a Turkish passport in a short period of time and become known as a Turkish citizen.

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The Turkish pass may not have much prestige in the international arena; But there are no restrictions that you have with travel and immigration with Iranian pass. If we want to say frankly; Turkey is not a suitable country for permanent residence; But it can also be a launching pad for immigration and permanent residency in developed and advanced Western countries.

Immigration to Canada

Canada is a progressive country with a record number of immigrants worldwide in recent years, and plans to accommodate about 400,000 people each year through various programs over the next three years. «Immigration to Canada»‌ It is possible in many ways, including:

  • Education
  • Work
  • investment
  • Birth
  • Marriage
  • Asylum
  • Athletes and super successful people
  • And …

Each of these methods has a very detailed description that is beyond the scope of this article. But for your familiarity in this regard, it should be said that most of the Canadian residency programs, especially in business and investment methods, which are very diverse, is a Point Based System; That is, based on points. For example, in the process of obtaining permanent and permanent residence in Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker, you and your spouse can earn points on items such as age, work experience, university degree, English and French proficiency level, adaptability, and more.

Each item has its own points and the sum of these points must be kept to a minimum so that you are eligible to receive an invitation from all applicants from around the world. The same is true of investment methods; But for each Canadian province, there are one or more investment programs that require different capital requirements as well as benefits.

Canada as a whole is a country with a high quality of life, its economy is growing, the rate of corruption and discrimination in its government and administration is very low, and according to the World Bank, it is one of the safest countries to invest. Its universities are internationally recognized; But you should note that studying in Canada is not free for Iranian students and is included in the cost. In terms of work, it should be noted that the country’s unemployment rate is low, and since its population is small and aging, it welcomes the recruitment of skilled foreign labor to work and turn its economic cycle.

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Jobs required by Canada

It is clear that in order to migrate to work in a country, several parameters must be considered; The most important of these parameters is the unemployment rate and then the Occupation On demand list in that country. As mentioned, the unemployment rate in Canada is low at around 5%, which means that 95 out of every 100 people in this country are employed, so finding a job if you are fluent in English and also have expertise and skills is not difficult. . The second parameter is paying attention to the jobs required by that country. Obviously, if your profession and skills are on the list of jobs that Canada needs, it will be much easier to find a job than for those whose profession and expertise are not needed in Canada.

Every year, Canada announces a long list of various job codes that are constantly being updated; So it is better to refer to the official website of this country to find out if your profession is on this list or not? But then we have the most important «Jobs required by Canada»We have provided your service in a brief way:

  • financial manager
  • Senior Communications Manager
  • Chief Health Officer
  • Senior Director of Education
  • Senior Business Manager
  • Chief Construction Officer
  • Advertising Director
  • Manager of Computer Systems and Information
  • Entertainment program manager
  • Director of Agriculture
  • Director of Aquaculture
  • Accountant and financial analyst
  • Human resources specialist
  • Evaluator
  • Civil engineer, mechanics, computer, metallurgy, mining, geology, architecture, etc.

Jobs required by Canada

If you are planning to immigrate to these two countries or you want to get accurate and clear immigration information, you can always contact the offices of Malekpour Institute (MIE Austria) through and also from the free initial telephone consultation for up-to-date immigration information. Get your opinion and guide the best result and choice of country and immigration route by consulting with experts and senior consultants of the collection.

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