Immigrating to Canada, Australia and Italy with Malekpour Law Firm

Canada is a major destination for immigrants from all over the world. Many immigrants with different cultures live in this country and more and more people immigrate to this country every year. Cultural diversity is one of the most prominent features of Canadian society. More than 20 percent of the population was born outside of Canada and immigrated to Canada due to immigration. In Toronto, Canada’s largest city, people speak more than 140 languages.

In this article, experts from the Malekpour Law Firm (MIE Austria) describe the most important ways to immigrate to Canada. Malekpour Law Firm was founded by Amir Mohammad Malekpour and with more than 15 years of experience in immigration and international law, he has a brilliant record in his case. Malekpour is a basic lawyer and currently a doctoral student in Switzerland and Vienna, Austria.

Malekpour Law Firm in the field of immigration to the top countries in the world, using the expertise of international consultants, experts and lawyers, can accompany you on the migration path.

Immigration to Canada

There are many benefits to immigrating to Canada, the most important of which is having one of the best health insurance systems in the world, an immigrant community, amazing nature, diverse immigration programs and plenty of job opportunities.

There are a variety of ways to immigrate to Canada; So that even for some people and businesses, a unique way to immigrate to this country can be found. For example, doctors, nurses, athletes, artists, and geniuses can use the methods of immigration that are intended for them. However, the most common ways Immigration to Canada Study in Canada, work in Canada, and investing and entrepreneurship can be considered, and many unique ways can be considered as a subset of these methods.

Immigrating to Canada through education

For teens and young adults looking to study at the best schools and universities in the world, immigrating to Canada through study can be the best option. The best age to study in Canadian schools is between 12 and 18 years old. Canada has outstanding international schools that offer special educational and welfare facilities. Tuition at these schools is usually between 35,000 and 59,000 Canadian dollars.

For adults, studying at universities in this country is a good way to have higher education and immigration. Most Canadian universities teach in English and an English language certificate is required for admission. At the doctoral level in this country, you can find various scholarships that make students’ education free. After graduating from a Canadian university, you can stay in Canada for 9 to 36 months and look for work. If you work in Canada, you will have a good chance of getting permanent residence in Canada.

Educated and professional people can choose to work for immigration to Canada. There are two ways to work in this country:

  • The first method is to find a job in Canada and get a job offer. To get a job offer, you must have sufficient skills in your profession and English language.
  • The second method is to apply through the Skilled Worker Canada program. This program is designed to attract skilled labor from around the world. The skillworker program is run on a scoring basis, and candidates earn points based on characteristics such as age, education, work experience, language degree score, and 5 points. Those who earn more points will be invited to permanent residency in Canada from the beginning.
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Investing and entrepreneurship is another way to immigrate to Canada and for individuals This is a good way to start a business in Canada. Each Canadian province has its own investment program. In investment programs, people are usually awarded points based on characteristics such as age, capital and managerial work experience. The capital required for entrepreneurship in Canada is between 300 and 600 thousand Canadian dollars.

Immigration to Australia

Australia is known as a country with hospitable communities, beautiful beaches and sunny weather. There are many factors that make Australia popular with immigrants. Australia’s healthcare system is of high quality and permanent residents receive cheap or free health insurance. The average salary in Australia is A $ 91,550 a year, which is a significant figure compared to other countries.

Most of Australia’s major cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne, are recognized as the best cities to live in by the world. To Immigration to Australia There are several ways to get a work visa, study at an Australian university and invest in Australia.

Australian schools and universities are among the best study destinations for international students. For people who want to improve their education, studying at an Australian university can be a great way to immigrate to Australia. Tuition at Australian universities is approximately between A $ 15,000 and A $ 40,000, plus the cost of living in Australia.

In general, to obtain an Australian student visa, you must be financially able to show that you have A $ 20,290 in your bank account for the cost of living in Australia for one year. After graduation, you can stay in this country for 18 months and look for work. If you work in Australia, you will have the chance to become a permanent resident of Australia.

For professionals, obtaining a work visa is probably a better way to immigrate to Australia. There are several types of work visas available in Australia. The country’s most popular work visas are the Australian Sub Class 189 work visa and the Australian 190 Sub Class work visa. The Australian 189 visa is based on scoring and is awarded to individuals based on factors such as age, education and work experience. The 190 visa is also based on a rating, and the main difference with the 189 visa is that it applies to a specific province and the person must have a sponsor or employer in that province.

Investing and entrepreneurship in Australia is another way to immigrate to Australia. Immigrating to Australia through entrepreneurship is also based on scoring. The main conditions are being under 55 years old and having an IELTS 6 language certificate. Applicants must submit a business plan that benefits the country’s economy. Also, the applicant and his / her partner must have at least A $ 800,000 in assets and invest $ 200,000 in Australia.

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Study in Italy

Italian universities are an important destination for international students. The reason for its popularity Study in Italy Can be considered the antiquity of the universities of this country and many scholarships. Cheap or free education and a valid degree can motivate many people to study in Italy. One of the oldest and top universities in Italy is Turin State University. Most courses at this university are in Italian and a B2 degree in Italian is required for admission. Tuition at this university is $ 1,500 for a bachelor’s degree and $ 1,150 for a master’s degree.

Despite the low tuition, it is also possible to receive a scholarship. Scholarships are very diverse and are one of the main attractions of studying in Italy. Some scholarships are awarded to students who are not in a good financial position, and some are awarded to individuals based on student grades and resumes. Scholarships may cover the full cost of studying in Italy and the student’s life, and sometimes may cover only part of the cost.

Tuition at Italian public universities is affordable at a minimum of US $ 1,000. Private universities charge more, usually between $ 6,000 and $ 20,000. Italian scholarships can also be used if you are studying at a private university. After graduation, graduates can also obtain a work permit in Italy if they find work, which leads to permanent residence in the country after five years.

In any of these ways to immigrate to Canada, Australia and Italy, using the experience of experienced consultants and lawyers can dramatically increase your chances of success. Using the services of Malekpour Law Firm (MIE Austria), you can apply for immigration with the support of more than 15 years of brilliant experience. The MIE website contains comprehensive articles and videos on various migration methods. The website of Malekpour Law Firm is one of the main sources in the field of immigration and you can find up-to-date immigration laws in it.

Study in Italy

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