Instagram announced support for ProRAW images of iPhone 12 Pro

Last week, Apple released iOS 14.3 with various features. One of the major changes of the new update is the support for ProRAW image format for iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max users. Apple unveiled the ProRAW format in October 2020 as the exclusive feature of the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max and announced that this feature will be available through software updates. Instagram is now the first third-party app to announce support for the feature.

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yesterday, Tim Johnson, One of the developers of Instagram, announced on the social network Twitter that from now on, Instagram can support ProRAW images; But photos taken in DNG format cannot be edited on Instagram, and it looks like Instagram will convert ProRAW files to JPG format for submission on Instagram.

Support for this feature appears to be limited at this time; But it is said that ProRAW photos that are edited outside of Instagram can be shared directly on the social network and no longer need to create a separate JPG. Johnson recommends that you edit ProRAW images before loading, using third-party applications such as Darkroom and the default Photos program or other third-party software.

Should be mentioned Our sleevesProfessional photography sees the ProRAW capability as a huge leap forward for computational imaging, and claims that Apple’s new capability is excellent and ideal for very low light environments and images with high dynamic range. ProRAW images can be up to 25 MB on average and sometimes up to 40 MB on average; So, Instagram probably squeezes them when they load.

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Finally, if you are using an iPhone 12 Pro 12 Pro Max, you can enable dn by going to the phone’s settings and then the “Camera” section, the relevant option called Apple ProRAW in the “Formats” tab. This feature adds computing photography features to the iPhone, while also allowing users to control white balance, reduce image noise, increase resolution, and more.

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