Instagram has faced problems in Iran and some parts of the world

Instagram servers seem to be having problems in some parts of the world. A number of users have claimed in recent hours that their Instagram app is not working properly and they can not access this social network.

According to data from one of its websites, a server status monitor named Downdetector, Instagram server problems started at 14:00 today, Tehran time, and a number of users in different regions such as India and Iran have taken to Twitter to announce that Instagram is not working properly by publishing a tweet.

At present, Instagram has not published any official statements focusing on today’s problems, and the main reason for the social network’s access is unknown. Downdetector announces that some users will not be able to refresh their Instagram news feed, and some other users will have trouble logging in to Instagram.

Interestingly, several platforms managed by Facebook, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, have been temporarily unavailable over the past week. Facebook was able to fix the problem quickly, but it was never clear what the main reason was.

At the moment, it seems that the Instagram problem has been created in the Android version of its mobile application, and the iOS version is working without any problems. Of course, Zomit surveys show that the problem with the Android version is not universal, and currently a number of Android users are using Instagram without any problems.

Twitter users claim that the problem persists despite the removal of the app. A Twitter user wrote: “The app continues to crash. At first I thought the cause of the problem was my phone; “So I deleted and re-installed Instagram and saw that it was still crashing.” In addition, a number of Instagram users have reported that the Instagram error has stopped working and have seen similar messages while scrolling in the main feed of the Android version of this application.

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Last week, a number of Instagram users announced that the possibility of sending directly to the Android and iOS versions of this social network application has been eliminated. Many users living in Europe faced this problem and the residents of Iran were largely spared from this problem. As mentioned above, ‌ The current problem has also affected Iranian users.

Due to the recent footage of the AFC Champions League final broadcast on the AFC Persian page, a number of Iranian users initially thought that Instagram was blocked in Iran, but this does not seem to be true.

This is not the first time that one of the major services is out of reach. Over the past few weeks, Google’s major services, Gmail and YouTube, have run into a number of problems. Surveys show that these services were completely unavailable for approximately 45 minutes.

What do you Zomit users think? Have you encountered a definite problem with Instagram today?

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