Iran Pakhsh is an importer of mobile accessories from China

The lives of the general public, young and old, are intertwined with devices such as smartphones and tablets; As a result, the market for mobile phones and accessories is hotter than ever. Numerous companies in China and cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc. are producing and developing their products in the field of mobile accessories and exporting their products all over the world.

Among Chinese companies, there are quality brands such as Remax, Ldnio and Earldom, mid-range brands such as Wster and T&G, and No Name and High Copy brands. This multiplicity indicates the great need of the market as well as the diversity of tastes. Every day, new products are launched with up-to-date performance and features to meet the new needs of customers around the world.

Shoppers and major buyers who are looking for the goods they need in the Iranian market are always looking for direct purchases from the importer in order to have a better purchase price and a higher profit margin.

Iran Trading Company، Importer of mobile accessories from China And is Dubai and has been selling and distributing major mobile accessories for many years. With its continuous and prominent presence in the major market of mobile accessories, this collection has a full understanding of the needs of the market, best-selling goods and new products, and every year it meets the needs of many partners and major buyers of accessories in Iran.

Partners who are active in the field of major distribution of mobile accessories in Tehran and other cities, work continuously with Iran Distribution and in many cities also provide retail stores, goods and products they need through this collection. Undoubtedly, the advantages of Iran Pakhsh Trading Complex can be considered as the following:

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1. Market floor prices
۲. Unparalleled variety of brands and products
3. High circulation inventory for all goods
4. In-person and online sales
5. Special offer with exceptional prices on a periodic basis
6. Providing services and continuous support to the customers of the collection

Iran Commercial Complex offers a unique variety of goods of different brands in wide price ranges in very high circulation to buyers, which are as follows:

  • Major Powerbank
  • Major speaker
  • Major mobile battery
  • Major cable and head
  • Major headphones and handsfree
  • And …

All product categories have a wide range of quality Orginal, High Copy and Copy. Iran Pakhsh Collection has tried to guide users in shopping with more complete knowledge and understanding by explaining the differences in the quality of different products.

For the well-being of colleagues, in addition to face-to-face sales through the collection office, online sales and major mobile accessories have also been added to the collection work agenda.

Iran Pakhsh site is only responsible for partners and major buyers of mobile accessories and sells mobile accessories in bulk. The prices listed on the site are also based on the list of major prices of mobile accessories or the price of mobile accessories cooperation, by examining them, you will notice the difference between the prices and the market floor. Periodically, products are sold as special offers, the price of which is unique and specific to the customers of the collection.

The newest and most up-to-date cleared goods will be displayed in a separate section of the site so that partners can get acquainted with new products entering the market and have the opportunity to buy them. These products are generally difficult to find in the market and most colleagues do not have a complete and comprehensive knowledge of their generalities and characteristics.

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All partners can select and register their desired products 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, by reviewing the most up-to-date products with brand diversity and high quality, and after the invoice is finalized, in less than 24 hours at their desired location throughout Iran, the goods To receive.

The support and sales team also answers the questions of their colleagues every day during their office hours and provides them with expert advice. Iranpakhsh Group has used all its energy and power so that its partners can easily experience a safe, easy and unmediated purchase throughout Iran.

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