Iron Man has revealed his secret weapon in the King in Black comic book series

Although the fight against Nal in the King in Black event has already disappointed the heroes, Iron Man has introduced a surprise weapon that can defeat Symbiote.

Warning: The continuation of this article may reveal parts of the story of part 2 of the King in Black comic book series.




Tony Stark is one of Marvel’s leading scientists. He is always innovating and pushing the frontiers of technology further and further; He shows what new things can be brought out of the heart of this advanced world. Nevertheless, all the arrangements that Tony had made before the Symbiotic Army invaded Earth were in vain. Because the best plans of this armored avenger showed their hilarious work from the very beginning; That was when the Dark God of the Symbiotes made his first attack. After seeing the world fall just minutes later, Tony Stark decided not to let Nal defeat him again.

In the same way, Iron Man in the 2nd part of the King in Black comic book series introduced a secret weapon called Extremis; It is on an important mission to learn more about their own unstoppable enemies, as well as rescuing Venom’s son, Dylan Brock. Tony designed the first line of defense against the impending symbiotic attack. After the Empyre crossover, he made Kerry and Scroll vehicles orbit the planet; He also attached explosives to them so that they would explode whenever Nal forces came in contact with it. Fortunately, Tony’s temporary minefield was successful and he was able to destroy a large number of Symbiotic dragons.

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My Iron Man with Extreme Head

But this was while the other Null forces were still coming to their destination; Without slowing them down a bit. When a large number of heroes were captured by the Symbiotes during the Battle of New York City, Iron Man was able to escape the clutches of Null and flee to Manhattan. He intended to take a symbiote alive to his laboratory and perform experiments on it; In this way he can save Eddie Brock’s life (after he lost Symbiote Venom directly to Nal). He went straight to the belly of a large Symbiote dragon and was able to bring Symbiote back to Baxter’s building alive.

Tony Stark had to cut off the symbiote from the parasites and the collective consciousness of the parasites before doing anything. To do this great and ambitious task, he had to find a way to completely rewrite his religion in order to cut it off from his evil master. He was finally able to do this impossible task by injecting a kind of Ecrimes into this dragon. The original version of the Extreme was a 21st Century Way for Superb Serum developed by Futurepharm; In the first part of the Iron Man comic book series by Warren Ellis and Eddie Granow. The creators of Extremes refer to it as a kind of artificial virus.

Use Extreme Serum on a Symbiotic Dragon

The nanotechnology used in this serum affects the part of the brain that is responsible for repairing and improving the body to write the brain; This operation takes place within a few hours and according to the superhuman abilities of the user. Various supervillains, including Mandarin, had tried to take control of Extremes. However, after the Secret Invasion crossover, Tony’s own connection to the virus became unstable after being targeted by scrolls. Now the modified version of Extreme has shown that it has succeeded in abducting the Symbiote dragon. This serum made this symbiote wrap around his armor and he could return to the Baxter building with it.

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Despite Tony’s manipulations and corrections, he can still hear millions of voices from within the Null collection. These noises were so loud that they even pressed him for a while. Fortunately, Tony was able to successfully bring it to Reed Richards’ lab; Because on the other hand, Nal was trying to regain control of his stubborn symbiote. This shows that even Tony’s biggest weapon against Nal is at best a temporary measure that can only for a short time cut off control of the Dark God with his army. At the same time, Nal is trying to expand his influence and control across the planet and continue to seek out Dylan Brock; Tony finally reached a great enemy who could not find a good way to defeat it forever.

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